Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ProSafe PLC SET Powerful System Engineering Tool

Software configuration
The ProSafe-PLC is constructed for the application using the System Engineering Tool of ProSafe-PLC on a PC of Windows 2000/NT. According to the standard of IEC 61131-3 for constructing programmable controllers ProSafe-PLC SET lets you to utilize any mix of ladder logic, function blocks, and sequential function charts in a single control database of module. Other features of ProSafe-PLC SET include:
• Providing validation of instant syntax for less mistakes, configuration of compilation-free, and fewer rework;
• A compare utility and version management to make simpler change management;
• The features of security for example a password administrative and controls access, as well as passwords of operator and a material switch security;
• The list of forced I/O and flags to avoid unintentionally leaving I/O in a state of forced; • Mode of on-line to make simpler troubleshooting in commissioning;
• Scheme of tag-based addressing that relates controller process equipment and hardware, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting;

System integration with process control systems
The system of ProSafe-PLC works in harmony with, but separately from the system of process control.
• Entire graphical configuration storage, comments and tag names in the memory of controller, which assurances the configuration drawings accurateness;
• Reporting of on-line diagnostic and logging integrated for fast, easy troubleshooting.

Safety Matrix
The matrices of cause and effect let you to illustrate and document a strategy of safety, methodically events of identifying process and potential effects. ProSafe-PLC presents the Matrix of Cause and Effect Toolkit for ProSafe-PLC SET for graphically constructing a matrix of cause and effect that works in the ProSafe-PLC. This device also provides as a tool of confirmation to test the design of resultant.
Therefore, the toolkit:
• Offers apparent documentation to assist better review;
• Makes simpler of tracking documentation;
• Decreases the effort of development by reducing the translation errors related with exchanging the matrix to logic;
• Assists maintenance of documentation by wanting a documentation logic of change to change.

ProSafe-PLC SET Project realization
ProSafe-PLC SET does permit the project engineer to completely utilize his knowledge and favorites for lay-out of system and the autonomous sub-systems creation. Continuously, during not only manufacturing, but also expanding to the whole helpful life of the recognized project, ProSafe-PLC SET arranges the project files consistency. The activities of maintenance like replacement of module or modifications of small online can be completed with no process interruption.


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