Saturday, December 3, 2011

The System Structure of ProSafe PLC

The ProSafe-PLC integrates two divide the paths of circuit. The dual architecture standard gives the unique Guarded Outputs. The energy of Output flows throughout dual switches, implemented in different technology. A switch of solid state offers the normal output of controller and a relay, controlled by integrated diagnostics gives the second switch. If a possible dangerous fault is noticed within a channel of output, the contacts of relay will be opened, reenergizing the output to make sure a secure action. In the structure of 1oo2D the process will stay in operation, controlled by the modules of redundant. The variety applied in the dual paths of signal, joint with comparison between the controllers, has made the ProSafe-PLC, the structure of 1oo1D. The denomination of architecture D reproduces the widespread self-diagnostic ability by reference, realized in every channel and the secondary path of shutdown controlled by this efficient self diagnostic.

The standard architecture of ProSafe-PLC in 1oo1D features:
•A single controller; an I/O with Outputs of Guarded and diagnostic of fail on and fail off output options;
•Power supplies of redundant;
•Communication links of redundant;
•Redundant, various timers of watchdog;
•Instruction tests of CPU, thorough tests of RAM;
•More than 1000 different errors can be discovered by the diagnostic.

This architecture of standard can be extended to comprise optional processors of redundant providing a low-cost choice for critical functions redundancy. These attributes come with all the qualities people similar to about using the PLC for the systems of Safety, for example advanced logic solving capacities, a rugged design, and modularity. The ProSafe-PLC subsequently puts in other features for instance fault-tolerance, regulatory control and easy mixing of discrete and faultless communication with any process control system of DCS.

Guarded Outputs
The modules of output utilize an extensive combination on-line diagnostics and internal diagnostic cut-off relays to secure automatically against energized output faults. The diagram block of the ProSafe-PLC architecture standard confirms that energy of Output flows throughout dual-switches to every load. A switch of solid-state offers the normal module of control output. A relay, managed by the integrated diagnostics, gives the second switch throughout a set of generally open contacts. If a hazardous fault is identified within the channel of output, the contacts of relay will be opened. This action de-energizes the output, make sure the output fails safely. The Outputs of Guarded make sure that no single component error can avoid a fixed trip.


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