Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yokogawa PLC for Serving Industrial Safety

Yokogawa contributes in all landscapes of industry in the world. Especially, Yokogawa is a leading vendor in measurement and test, automation industry and service of information in thousands of complex production processes around the world. Yokogawa occupies around. 19,000 employees in the world-wide. They are the most experienced Safety and Control firms in the world and has obtained a history of more than 40 years in Safety Systems supplying. They are dedicated to provide protection systems of cost effective for all the SIL 1- (4Safety Integrity Levels) for the gas and oil, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear & industrial conventional power. The ability to present combination systems of Safety with the systems of process control is specially respected by their customers. They will merge the expertise and know-how associated to total solutions of automation for the industrial process, including systems of manufacturing execution, safety systems, distributed control systems, FOUNDATION fieldbus instrumentation and systems of SCADA.

Assessment of Safety
Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) plays a more and more critical role in a lot of process plants nowadays. The standards of Safety for example ISA 84.01 and IEC 61508/61511 that have recognition of worldwide are generating more severe requirements of Safety for process plants. Thus, users in the industrial process are in search of system suppliers accepting the standards of Safety and presenting solutions to meet the requirements of Safety. Yokogawa presents at a department Yokogawa Service Center Europe of specialist to assurance loyalty to the standards of Safety and to distribute a Safety Assessment Certificate for an personality application.

The products of ProSafe
Yokogawa has produced the products of ProSafe, to cover all obligations in nowadays systems Safety. ProSafe contains of two lines of product, the ProSafe-SLS and the ProSafe-PLC. Every product line involves particular requirements for entity systems of Safeguarding. The ProSafe-PLC presents an outstanding solution in applications of Safeguarding System that need a TÜV AK 1-6 rating or SIL 1-3.

These characteristic applications of Safety are affected in petrochemical, the oil and gas, nuclear power and chemical industries, for example:
•Systems of Emergency Shut-Down for units of safety critical process;
•Assets protection and Environmental systems;
•Systems of Burner Management for boilers and incinerator furnaces;
•Systems of compressor protection for rotating and compressors of piston type;
•Protection systems of Fire and Gas;
•HIPS (High Integrity Protection Systems) for sub-sea pipelines, well-heads, chemical process plants, and natural gas storage installations.


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