Monday, January 23, 2012

Difference between Actuator and Motor

The actuator defined as a motion type for controlling or moving a system or mechanism. It is activated by an energy source, generally in the type of a fluid pressure of hydraulic or pressure of pneumatic, electric current, and transforms that energy into any type of motion, such as rotation motion or linear motion. An actuator is the motion mechanism by which an agent proceeds ahead an environment. The means can be an autonomous being such as human, other animal, etc. or any other artificial intelligent agent.

In manufacturing, actuators are a transducer’s subdivision. They are machines which convert a signal of input (mostly an electrical signal) into motion. Electrical motors, relays, hydraulic pistons, piezoelectric actuators, pneumatic actuators, thermal bimorphs, comb drive, Digital Micro mirror Devices and polymers of electro active are some instances of such actuators. Motors are generally utilized when circular motions are required, but can also be applied for linear applications by converting circular motion to linear motion with a screw and bolt transducer. Alternatively, some actuators are fundamentally linear, for example actuators of piezoelectric. Actuators and sensors in virtual instrumentation are the hardware set offs of virtual instruments. Virtual instruments computer programs use motion into vice versa, or linear motion.

A motor is designed to translate energy source into rotation motion. Electric motors translate energy of electric into rotation motion. Pneumatic motors utilize compressed air into rotation motion. Hydraulic motors utilize fluid pressure into rotation motion

The term of motor was initially applied to differentiate the new internal burning engine powered vehicles from prior vehicles powered by engines of steam, for example the motor roller and steam roller, but might be exploited to refer to some engine.

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