Sunday, January 15, 2012

Difference between SCADA and Telemetry

Telemetry typically refers to communication to a site to collect or save data. The radio communications are typically referred to as a system of telemetry when utilized in a SCADA or the environment of Process Control.

In order to have better understand a fundamental in the system telemetry, actually, there are many different applications, but principally almost all of telemetry system can be incorporated to the outline below. A characteristic telemetry network is depending on the following parts:
• Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
• Sensors and Actuators
• Base stations
• Software of SCADA

Basically, a user requires either to recognize what happens in a remote place, send an instruction to a machine in a remote place or both. These are the common cases where telemetry can assist, though in implementation the telemetry world is a bit more complicated. The components needed to put together a system of telemetry are presented concisely.

The SCADA software is often known as data acquisition and control software is typically the final target of the sensor data. If also the functions of control are required, generally the similar software transfers commands to the actuators through the RTUs and base station, once the conditions of pre programmed are met, otherwise they may be operator activated, such as manual operation. There are a lot of solutions of the SCADA software, but regrettably most of them are either too lacking and simplistic in functionality, or over complicated and difficult to control by non-technical users.

Generally the software developing is very high costs and low return because of the limited quantity of customers. If the developer gives the right price it could be nobody will buy the software. For that reason other systems must be foreseen to recover the costs of development, it can be by increasing the RTUs costs.


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