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Example Ladder Logic of 3100 MCM

The MCM module integration into an application of PLC is easier if a series of rungs are followed. In sequence to help the first time customers of the products in getting operational rapidly, it has come up with the step-by-step guide of implementation.

First Time customers
Even though the following steps are to help you in applying the module, they suggest that you effort to experiment with the illustration logic offered on disk with the module or available off their site FTP before laying out to the application. This step will permit you to increase approaching into how the module works before making decisions which will force the long term installation success.

Beginning with one of the programs of ladder logic supplied on disk with the MCM complete the below steps:
1. Amend the ladder logic offered on disk as required for the application
Validate slot and rack location in program
Adjust ladder instruction addresses as required
2. Setup the parameters of Communication Configuration
Establish every communication configuration port requirements:
Requirements of Stop Bits, Master or Slave, Baud Rate, Parity, RTS delay
Identify the requirements of memory mapping
Set the parameters of Command Block Count, Read Data, and Write Data
Set the pointers of Master and Slave Error Table are required for the application
3. Setup the List of Command if configuring a Master
Make sure to evaluate slave device register map to build most efficient memory map
4. Classify the requirements of module jumper
5. Make up the cables of communication. Ensure that no matter what connection type being is built up that a jumper is in place to assure the signal of CTS. In general this signal will be jumper to RTS.
6. Put processor into the mode of run
7. Check the table of data for the values of Slave and Master Error Status

The Examples of PLC Ladder Logic
The below example logic has been presented to help you in increasing applications more efficiently.
The Examples of Slave Mode
Example no 1 : Slave Mode with Minimum Configuration MCM5EX1S of Pass - Thru
Example no 2 : Slave Mode with Expanded Application MCM5EX2S of Pass-Thru
The Examples of Master Mode
Example no 1 : Master Mode - MCM5EX1M of Basic Application
Example #2 : Master Mode with MCM5EX2M of Command Control
Suggestions and Testing Tools
There are some tools offered for supporting in testing the associated ladder logic and the MCM.

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