Friday, January 27, 2012

PLC Programming Software S7 Windows-based Ver 6

The PLC of S7 PLC controls Programming system. To facilitate the Siemens PLC programming control series S7-400 and S7-300 proficiently and contentedly, IBHsoftec offers the software S7 Windows-based. This software can be shared with S5 for Windows or operates stand alone. The whole Simatic S7-400 PLC and S7-300-control series can be programmed with S7 for Windows. The entire instruction set of S7 is implemented in the presentations of STL (Statement List), FBD (Function Block Diagram) and LAD (Ladder Diagram).

The OsciCAM enables analyzing movement processes through synchronization of earlier process signals and recorded videos. The recorded videos can be exposed synchronously to process signals and the status of recorded block of the PLC by time stamp. The dynamic procedures can be explored by consequently the block status analysis frame by frame with the Statusrecorder. The Statusrecorder logs the status of block and demonstrates these using time stamp, allowing following modifying between the presentations LAD, CSF and STL.

The functions of oscilloscope
The capabilities of diagnostic the system of programming are advance improved with the feature of Oscilloscope. Dynamic processes can be checked and examined in an incorporated screen, in feel and look modified from the front panel of oscilloscope. Summiting to signals I/O with a virtual test probe is adequate for multiple signals monitoring within the virtual oscilloscope. The recording of signal can be completed at any time for more timing the machine fault investigation. Only the incorporation into the system programming S7 for Windows creates this possible. The data recording can also be stored for afterward investigation, for purposes of archiving or to send messagevia e-mail.

The new concept of operational version 6 has been expanded on the newest basis of cognitions in guidance of operator. The symbolic tables and lists of block can be organized freely, they can be strained in any order from the key window onto a 2nd screen and can be diminished automatically from the main window, to facilitate increase more space on the screen. The module parameters presentation has been amended as well.

The configuration of hardware
The configuration of hardware enables the modules parametrizing, the addresses allocation and the PROFIBUS configuration. The dialogue will open by clicking on the module in the configuration, which lets to setup the parameters of module. Executed changes are identified clearly in the detail window of the CPU or module, in order to prevent unintended changes before storing.


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