Saturday, January 21, 2012

Toshiba PLC, Is It Another Good PLC?

A small Toshiba PLC is a very likeable controller not only for simple relay replacement, but also for control applications that are complex. Along with its compact design, it becomes an economical and functional solution for a broad range of applications that include those in process control systems and machine control and automotive. Toshiba is known for its PLCs that possess simple ASCII protocol. This protocol allows your PC to access all the registers. Toshiba has a collection of PLCs for both users that are only beginning to use PLCs and serious long-time PLC users. Companies that are specialists in industrial automation all over the world have sold and serviced various Toshiba PLC products for so many years.

Toshiba PLC S2E/S2T Features
Toshiba PLC is compatible with T Series. Its S2E/S2T PLC allows any program that is written for a T Series CPU to be downloaded directly into it without any modification. Secondly, storage for register tags or device tags and comments is in the CPU module, which may be viewed in online mode without having to access the original program. The easily viewable tags and comments make it easier to debug, trouble shoot, and edit. This PLC shines at controlling applications that are requiring high speed processing. It also has an RS485 serial communications port located in the CPU module. The S2E/S2T also offers debug functions that are online, including sample trace, status latch, input force, coil force, and data set. And lastly, but definitely not least, Toshiba PLC S2E/S2T has a large program memory.

Toshiba PLC T1 Micro
The Toshiba PLC T1 Micro has optional expansion I/O. Sophisticated machine control applications are much easily manageable because of its high speed performance. With an excellent communication capability, this is a great choice for applications that require larger controllers. This design is small, even micro in size, but its advanced instruction set and significant space of program and data memory make it a proper pick for applications that previously needed more expensive programmable controllers. Some of the key features are high performance software, large memory which includes 4k data registers and 8k program, immediate interrupt function to control critical outputs, pulse/PMW output for the stepper motor control, RS485 port for the networking, and ASCII message storage. For the download of set up software, user can go to Toshiba PLC web page.

Toshiba PLC Products
Toshiba offers a broad range of Toshiba PLC products which can be viewed online through their official website. Micro PLCs or small PLCs are available, along with their in-depth details and images. Other special automation items are also available to complete the PLC product range. Toshiba offers only the best collection of PLCs, enabling intelligence and automation in machines and processes to work to their maximum capability in an efficient and cost effective manner. Compactly designed, these PLCs are suitable for both simple and complex control applications. It is not only functional and compact, but also economical. For manuals, brochures, or software supports, go to the web page to download anything you need. The website is packed with downloadable manuals for registered users, making it easier for them to find any solution to any problem they might be facing with their PLC. Toshiba PLC also provides downloadable set up software and others on the site.


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