Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Allen Bradley PLC Book

The book with title "Programmable Controllers Using Allen-Bradley SLC500 and Control-Logix" you can use this book to learn Allen Bradley PLC. The best method to study about programmable controllers is to get a hand on advance to write the control programs. This book gives readers throughout a lot of examples and programs, covering the fundamentals as well as the sequential complexities and control automatically and the newest changes in technology of programmable controller. The readers will be capable to write complicated programs with subroutines, zone control, state diagramming, and sequential function charts upon completion.

The text has a lot of features that assist reinforce education, including:
• An overview of history.
• Chapter objectives and outlines designed to show vital issues.
• Various examples, illustrations, tables, and photos.
• Trains designed to key topics test retention.
• Appendices on Status of ControlLogix, Relay Logic, and Status of SLC 500 Series.

The author oh this book is Robert Filer and George Leinonen, they wrote an earlier book entitled “Programmable Controllers and Designing Sequential Logic. They both teach the courses of programmable controller; George lectures at Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley and Robert lecture at Michigan Technological University. Their combined academic and industrial experiences have allowed them to author a book that will be helpful to those in the field and those in a classroom. Allen Bradley combined with Rockwell Automation and launched a lot of new equipment and software versions. Programmable Controllers with Allen Bradley ControlLogix and SLC 500 covers these transforms in technology of programmable controller and automatic control introduction.

The exercises in every chapter have been allocated to students, who have exercises all the bugs. This book is intended for science students, engineering, and engineering technology, in both programs of mechanical and electrical at the levels of associate, bachelor, master, and PhD. George has had an even larger students group from industry while training at Allen Bradley.

This book is aimed to be skilled over the two college semesters course, on the 1st semester to set up programmable controllers and the 2nd semester for the advanced programmable controllers. The book has involved both automatic control and sequential control through the PID instruction. There are a lot of example programs, the majority written using the instruction set of the ControlLogix and SLC 500. The students are capable to write multipart programming with subroutines, zone control, sequential function charts, and state diagramming upon finishing the course.


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