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Difference between Modbus Master and Modbus Slave

Modbus Master
ModMaster is a program of diagnostic that runs as a Modbus client or master. It gives all the Modsak's features master mode, but at a cheaper cost.

The main features of ModMaster's are:
• The user can transfer individual demands to the Modbus slave, and the ModMaster can also continually poll by transmit read and write requests to the slave.
• Cross platform: operates on the some systems that support Java 1.5 or in a while - involving Linux, Windows, AIX and Solaris.
• The guidance manual and troubleshooting.
• The definitions of command may be stored for reuse.
• Informative read trace of all messages of Modbus transmitted and received.
• All the settings of configuration might be stored to and re-stored from files, in format of XML.
• The definitions of register might be imported or exported in the format of CSV.
• Supports network and serial interfaces such as RS232, RS422, RS485 with the below variants protocol:
o Modbus ASCII
o Modbus RTU
o Modbus TCP
o Modbus ASCII summarized in TCP
o Modbus RTU summarized in TCP
o Modbus UDP
o Modbus ASCII summarized in UDP
o Modbus RTU summarized in UDP

• All recognized the Modbus protocol extensions for handling integers of 32-bit and 64-bit and the numbers of floating-point are supported, including Modbus Enron/Daniel.
• It is able to transfer an integer and floats mixture of different sizes in a single message.
• Address mapping flexibility lets divide or covered address spaces with arbitrary bases.
• The registers are configurable individually for kind of float or integer and size 1-bit, 8bit, 16bit, 32bit, 64-bit, radix char, hex, unsigned decimal, signed decimal, octal or, binary, and scale or offset.
• Full support for exclusion reactions 10/0x0A and 11/0x0B.

Modbus Slave
It is for creating up to 32 devices of slave in 32 windows. It will speed up your programming of PLC with this tool of simulating. Set up programming and test before you get your device of slave from provider. Data included with any open document is available to the application master. Similar user interface as Poll of Modbus.

The serial traffic monitoring. The Automation of OLE for interfacing with Excel, Visual Basic, etc. To read and prove the data of Modbus based on your particular requirements. E.g. edit your data of slave in Excel. Attempt the Excel example.xls integrated with the program. Every window opened inside Modbus Slave might be configured to stand for data from the similar or different node of slave.

MODBUS Slave Features:
• OLE Automation means easy interface to Excel
• Modbus UDP/IP
• Modbus TCP/IP
• Mode of ASCII
• Mode of RTU
• Help the context sensitive
• Print preview and print
• 10 formats of display for example double, float, etc.
• Serial data traffic monitoring
• Address Base Adjustable 0 or 1.
• Broadcast slave ID 0.
• An RS-485 converter is easy to control with toggle of RTS.
• Selection of font and color.


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