Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GE Fanuc PLC Program Organization and User References/Data

The memory size user for the programmable controllers of Series 90-30 is listed in the below table.

Starting with firmware version 9.00 memory sizes CPUs, %AQ %R, and, %AI for the CPUs of 351, 352, 360, 363, 364 and 374 are configurable. A program for the programmable controller of Series 90-20 can be up to 2 Kb in size for a Model 211 CPU, and the rungs maximum number enabled per logic block is 3000. The maximum size of block is 80 kb for blocks C and 16 kb for blocks LD and SFC; though, in a block SFC, several of the 16 KB is utilized for the block of internal data for Series 90-30 PLCs. User program logic is performed frequently by the PLC while the PLC is in mode of normal Run.

All of the programs have a table variable that lists the reference and variable descriptions that have been allocated in the program user. The declaration editor of block lists subroutine blocks stated in the main program.

Subroutine Blocks
The program can call the subroutine blocks as it performs. A subroutine has to be stated through the declaration editor of block prior to an instruction of CALL can be utilized for that subroutine. A max. of 64 declarations of subroutine block in the program and 64 instructions of CALL are permitted for every logic block in the program. The subroutine block maximum size is 3000 rungs or 16 KB, but the major program and all subroutines have to fit within the logic size restrictions for that model of CPU.

The blocks of subroutine are not supported in the Micro PLC or the Series 90-20 PLC. The subroutines use is optional. Separating a program into smaller subroutines can make simpler programming, improve the control algorithm understanding, and probably decrease the overall quantity of logic required for the program.


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