Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Siemens Simatic S7 PLC Software

The software of STEP 7 is Support through all life cycle phases. The software of STEP 7 drastically increases efficiency in all of the automation jobs with its huge array of easy to use functions. Whether for configuring hardware, establishing programming, communications, commissioning, service, and testing, documentation and archiving, operational and/or functions of diagnostic, the software places the standard in its field.

The software of STEP7-Micro/WIN allows you save money and time in programming. This package of software can be handled same as a standard application of Windows and contains all necessary devices for suitable programming of the SIMATIC S7-200: from the high-performance instruction of SIMATIC set to compliant of IEC 1131- programming and all the method to trend wizards and charts.

The newest version of this software is STEP7-Micro/WIN 4.0, which is compatible with Window 2000, Windows XP and later operating systems, presents even more: pieced data memory, improved the program handling and structures of command, functions diagnostic as well as a user particular LED, historical of error, edit runtime, and download online.

Programming wizards of The STEP 7-Micro/WIN
The Parameterize instead of programming, that's what wizards of STEP 7-Micro/WIN allow you carry out. They support easy graphical parameterize of complex jobs as well as testing automatically of the memory operation available, produce blocks of commented programming, and others more. The software of STEP 7-Micro/WIN offers the true wizard for any complex automation solution.

Overview of wizards
• Interface AS
• TD 400C, TD 200C, TD 200, TD100C Text Displays
• Log Data
• Modem of EM 241
• Positioning of EM 253
• Control Panel of EM 253
• Ethernet
• Counter High speed
• Internet
• Write of NetRead/Net
• loops of PID
• Modbus RTU
• Tune Control Panel of PID
• PTO (pulse outputs)
• Management recipe
• Modem Remote
• Protocol of USS


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