Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Compact controllers and GX Developer PLC

Compact controllers already opened up latest perceptions in automation industry because of their low cost and compact dimensions. A lot of applications for which automation was previously not even an alternative can currently advantage from a lot of benefits of these controllers.

The FX3U PLC series of Mitsubishi Electric is the 3rd generation from tremendously successful compact PLCs family. The latest flagship line once again places new standards - and not only in the class of compact controllers. The FX3U gets compact controllers into the other dimension, bringing performance that was previously the limited domain of bigger control systems in a package of compact.

Programming Software of GX Developer PLC
GX Developer supports all controllers of MELSEC from the MELSEC FX compact PLCs series to the modular PLCs containing MELSEC System Q. This software stands out with a simple, perceptive interface and a short curve of learning.

GX Developer supports such as PLC programming language like the sequential function chart (SFC) of MELSEC, ladder diagram (LD) of MELSEC, and instruction list (IL) of MELSEC. You can change back and forth between LD and IL at will while you are working. You be able to program your own blocks function such as, System Q series/MELSEC QnA/QnAS, and a large utilities range are offered for configuring special function modules for the System Q of MELSEC. And "organize" is the operational word here, you no longer requires to program special modules function, you just organize them.

The package comprises diagnostics functions and powerful editors for configuring your MELSEC hardware and networks, and widespread monitoring and testing functions to assist you acquire your applications up and running efficiently and quickly.
You can also trial all of your key functions of program before they are realized with the simulation mode of GX Simulator offline.
GX Simulator also allows simulating all your application and devices responses for practical testing.

Design Software of GT Designer 2 Screen
GT Designer is a software program of screen design utilized to build HMI screens for the whole Mitsubishi Electric GOTs line. A Windows environment of user-friendly offers a simple and identifiable interface, facilitating a quick learning curve for new users.

GT Designer 2 is prepared with a components library, a range of lamps and touch-switches, functionality of screen preview, a settings utility of GOT communication, and a check function of project consistency. Jointly, these characteristics merge to make a platform of GT Designer 2 that generates screens that make simpler the control interface between the machine and the user.


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