Saturday, March 17, 2012

Future Trends of Programmable Logic Controllers

Progress in the systems of process automation is intending it called as complete automation when all the human must do is to key in the parameters of the product desired and everything else is performed by machines. Even though the objective lies faraway ahead, the trends show the movement in that direction.

Firstly, systems develop into more and more consistent. Large manufacturers manage their products into the families. The goal is to decrease amount of knowledge required for the configuration and maintenance runs of dissimilar devices from the same company. It is also vital that this way built applications are simply get bigger.

Secondly, significance of communication is increasing. There are a lot of reasons, some of more crucial are:
• Create better cooperation of different elements of the system.
• Saving costs on cabling. A reduced amount of cabling results fall in error possibility, but also raises severity of ones that happen
• Actuators and sensors can be at longer distances from the module of processor than if using conventional techniques.
• Raised the systems scalability. New machines can be attached at minimum costs.
• At several cases it is improved to create architecture of a lot of small modules of independent and network them. This solution allows system to maintain working even though some elements have failed.
• The networks of communication simplicity error diagnostics and give remote management possibilities. The stations of central operating can be figure out relatively easy.
• Probability to join machines form different companies (OPC Foundation, 2003).

Third vital trend is scattering use of so called Soft PLCs or software controllers. These are the solutions of PC software-based that communicate with field machines through networks of communication. There is no require for module of processor, resources of PC are utilized. Some Soft PLCs are remaining formed as cards of processor for PC. The reliable networks of communication are critical. The Soft PLCs are well-matched for the applications of data acquisition because of the possibilities of data storage of PCs.

Fourthly, the combo devices that include both module of operator panel and medium size processor increase popularity. In this possibility solution of instability is low and reuse of some components create whole package cheaper.

Fifthly, the software of processor gets over properties from the software of PC. Collected data from production can be simply transmitted into the applications office.

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