Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introduction Module MC212 Programmable Controller PROSEC T2-Series

The MC212 is a module of I/O for the programmable controllers of T2 series. The MC212 can train of output pulse for a stepping motor or servo driver to construct a movement control system. The MC212 has 2-axis function of control. Every axis can be managed separately, or proportionally to get a linear interpolation with a table X-Y.

The main functions of MC212
The MC212 encloses the below functions.
1) The outputs pulse train of MC212 to organize the below motors:
• Servo motor driver
• Stepping motor driver
2) The MC212 executes 2-axis autonomous manage or 2-axis linear control interpolation.
3) The MC212 has the gear function of electronic. With this function, any preferred command units, for example degree, inch, mm, etc., can be applied.
4) The MC212 has integrated EEPROM to learn the control parameters with no need of a battery.
5) The speed of operation can be adjusted during pulse output.
6) The recent position data can be trained as the goal position of a specific point.
7) The MC212 also has a utility to accept the pulses of feedback.
8) The existing output pulse position data and pulse of feedback can be modified separately.
10) The soft limit can be stopped.

Overview of operation
Parameters of control
The MC212 saves the position data and control parameters in its fixed EEPROM and fills them into RAM at power on.

The maximum writing times into EEPROM is 100,000.
Modes of operation

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