Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Omron PLC to Westermo Modem Connectivity

There are a lot of PLC applications that need a connection of remote, from monitoring data, control SCADA to programming of PLC and register adjustment of data. All of these applications need a dependable link in a various industrial conditions. Westermo modems offer a dependable link of these callous industrial correlations which can store an engineer expensive travel to location of offer a communication connection to a harmful area.

This application note offer detailed information on link Westermo modems and the available range from Omron. The configuration have been tested and approved by both Omron and Westermo technical support.

The device and versions needed are as below:
1. 1 pc of laptop or Personal Computer with modem and the below pre-loaded of software
• Programmer of Omron CX ver. 5.0 or above
• Server of Omron CX Ver. 2.2 or above
• Tool Modem of Omron Support Ver. or above
• Hypertermial of Microsoft Windows or equal package of terminal.

2. 1 pc modem to Personal Computer guide if external modem of PC utilized
• For type 9-pin D on modem use cable of Westermo.
• For type 25-pin D on modem use cable of Westermo.

3. 2 pcs telephone lines analogue or a Westermo line simulator analogue.
4. 1 pc Omron PLC such as Series of CPM2, Series of CQM1, Series of CS, Series of CJ, series of C200H.
5. 1 pc Omron Cable PLC programming such as, CN226 of CA1W for a PLC CJ attached from Omron.
6. 1 pc Modem of Westermo to 70cm cable Omron.
7. 1 pc modem of Westermo such as, GD-01, TD-35, TD-34, TD-33, TD-32B.

Setup ports of RS232 on Omron PLCs

It suggests altering the defaulting settings of the port of RS 232 PLC to make sure reliable and efficient communications as the following:

8 data bits, 9600 bps, 1 Stop bit and No parity with protocol of SYSMAC WAY

This setting guarantee the greatest compatibility with a extensive range of modems for instance fixed modems of PC which are usually setup for fundamental access of internet rather than protocols of PLC. The port of RS 232 that will be used for connection of modem will need to be set up prior to the modem setting and set up. This needs that the PLC is located in program moden and the new port settings will have to be transferred to the PLC.

Always make sure that the factory being controlled is safe before amending the program state of PLC.


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