Friday, March 30, 2012

PLCSIM Counters Example

PLC realized counters have a lot of industrial utilizes. The range of applications from their use for easy operations for example counting the amount of parts built by a device to the much more of complex industrial tasks implementation. There are 8 counters offered, C000 to C007 with PLCSIM. A counter is planned as a coil, similar to a timer. All time power is performed to a coil of counter it lists a count. A coil reset is necessary to reset a counter. For a counter to record a count its reset coil has to be powered.

A PLCSIM realized flow counter circuit planned to register a count of 100. Even though one counter could record this count, the circuit is applied to demonstrate the standard of using two counters in flow to raise the potential count. The X0 is the input count and Y0 the output with this circuit. Switch of Input X1 on the second counter input of reset is needed to be turn off.

PLCTUT Animation Examples
For multifaceted applications, animation has the possible to be tremendously helpful as an support for student visualization of concerned sequences of events. PLCTUT includes an animations number. Two examples of animation at this time utilized are currently briefly described.

For example, a semi-automatic PLC control of drill press operation, explained by Webb is applied as one of the examples to show applications concerning coils and contacts. Using this system a number of press buttons and limit switches are fixed on a press of drill. The reason of the system, which is to be PLC controlled, is to drill a part located under the press spindle of drill. Students are specified details on the assignments of PLC input/output, and a record of the required steps of procedural describes operation of process. For instance, the initial few steps in the process are: press on system initiate push button; place a element in place to activate a limit switch which is applied to identify that the part is in location; press on two start buttons concurrently; and after that a safety shield is to come down, closing a limit of detecting switch when in place. Further steps of procedural are described in a similar method. It is this kind of problem that is perfect for animation, which can help students in visualizing the procedural steps sequence required. Use sound effects, for instance, to specify when switches have been triggered and when motors and actuators are on, put in to the animation effectiveness. As an illustration of what has been reached, the animation sequence frame applied for the drill press problem.


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