Friday, March 23, 2012

Programmable Logic Controllers of ELC

The ELC stands for Eaton Logic Controller is latest offering by Eaton Cutler-Hammer into the market of PLC. Fewer than half a characteristic element PLC size, the Eaton Logic Controller is a micro-PLC by attributes in the past created only in bigger, much more costly support mount PLCs:
• Integrated analog and digital I/O for low-priced individual control
• Local I/O flexible up to 256; expansion of I/O modules join easily with no additional wiring
• Detachable blocks terminal for simple wiring
• Modbus RTU supported on both 2 serial ports
• Clock/calendar of Real-time
• Quick pulse I/Os
• Great set of instruction:
1. Hanging point math
2. Trig functions
3. Instructions of clock/calendar
4. Instructions of Modbus RTU/ASCII
5. Capture/pulse output of high-speed pulse
• Interrupts
1. Operations matrix
2. Storage of retentive data
3. Positioning control of stepper motor
4. Autotune PID functions
5. Temperature control of Fuzzy

The I/O can be local or highly distributed with the ELC. The entire specialty of ELC and analog modules such as thermocouple, analog I/O, motion control, RTD is able of remote connection through a 2-wire RS485 interface with protocol of Modbus. Extra remote modules of I/O are available

• Base Models with 10 to 28 I/O, Expandable to 256
• Half of the size on mostly PLCs
• No Rack Required, Mountable DIN Rail
• Integrated Integral Display of LCD
• Integrated of Integral Potentiometers
• Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus TCP of High-level Network Access
• Remote Modules of I/O such as RTDs, Digital I/O, Analog I/O and Thermocouples

Select from one of 5 different styles of controller:
• models PB: 2 serial ports, include I/O expandable of 14 local up to 256, 3.8K program steps,
• models PC: 2 serial ports, includeI/O expandable 12 local up to 256, 7.9K program steps, 2 set point potentiometers
• models PH
• models PA
• models PV

The model of ELC-PH12 PLC offers high-speed pulse outputs which can be utilized to take any step of Omega & stepper drives direction. The software of ELCSoft ladder logic has integrated the functions of step motor which create programming your movement control application simple. The STM23S-2AN is an incorporated stepper motor and stepper drive which allows pulses from a PLC. Add the software of ELCSoft programming, programming cableof ELC-CBPCELC1 and power supply of OMPS150A24 for a whole system of motion-control that expenses a smaller amount than $1000.


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