Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Automatic Code Generation

The combination between PLC hardware and Matlab/Simulink is a current issue in the machine development field. By the PLC Link integration, KWSoftware has realized a solution initials programming system which lets to utilize models produced in Matlab/Simulink as source for the code generation. This article expresses what the user can anticipate. Without any hesitation, the generation of automatic program has a lot of benefits. It enhances the quality, step ups the development and develops the documentation.

For a long time could only be recognized in theory turns into currently more and more practical in practice. Models of Matlab/Simulink, which are converted into code of PLC, are generally used as base for these systems. Also KW-Software sets out this method by the PLC Link integration.

Automation of Model-based
Matlab/Simulink is a package of interactive software for numerical computations in the engineering field and is a universal standard for simulating and modeling technical systems in the industry. Simulink is add-on software of Matlab which allows simulation and modeling of complicated systems. State flow expands Simulink by a platform development that is utilized for flow charts and programming state machines.

Applications of numerical and complex control-oriented, engineers utilize the Model-Based design concept in case of extensive. They apply a graphical software-based model to practically confine the behavior of numerical and interactively advance this model until the required behavior is achieved. Particular tools of software also automatically produce the code from the model.

In various industrial sectors such as wind aerospace, airplane, energy and automotive, Matlab/Simulink have effectively emphasized themselves and give a lot of benefits specially for users who operate with the traditional control technology. The models simulation already during creation of the model is an excellent advantage which saves lots of time and thus assists to save charges. Therefore all models can be certified already during construction. Multifaceted tasks of control-oriented, which can usually be executed in the control technology with cost-intensive developments, can be generated, tested and utilized by practicing mathematical models.

IEC61131 and Matlab
The IEC 61131 standard has set up and emphasized itself in the today's control technology. To be capable to utilize the benefits of the Model-Based Design also in the automation world engineering, a combination is necessary. This must be recognized nearly faultless and may not effect in any disadvantages for the user. The IEC61131 and Matlab users may not be sensed disadvantaged or manipulated in their working environment.

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