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Choosing the I/O DL05 and DL06 Type PLCs

The PLCs of DL05 and DL06 have to be mounted correctly to make sure ample airflow for cooling purposes. It is vital to follow the requirements of unit orientation and to validate that the dimensions of PLC are well-matched with your application. Note principally the recommended cabinet clearances and the grounding requirements.

The families of DL05 and DL06 product provide a number of different configurations of I/O. Select the configuration that is correct for your application. Also, maintain in mind that both PLCs the DL05 and the DL06 present the capability to add I/O with the option modules use.

Fixed discrete I/O
All micro PLCs of DL05 contain 8 fitted inputs and 6 fitted outputs on the base unit. The micro PLCs of DL06 have 20 fitted inputs and 16 fitted outputs on the base unit. They offer the majority common types of I/O for your convenience, including AC I/O, DC sinking and sourcing I/O, and relay outputs.

Module slots option
The DL05 has a module slot option and the DL06 has 4 module slots option. Check out the analog I/O and discrete you can put in by purchasing low-cost option modules. Specialty modules are also offered.

Assigned addresses automatically
The DL05 utilizes addressing automatically, so for the huge majority of applications, there is no setup necessary. They use octal addressing. The DL05 contains 8 input points utilize addresses X0-X7, and the 6 output points use addresses Y0-Y5. In the same way, the DL06 utilizes addresses X0-X23 for input points and Y0-Y17 for output points.

If you are applying a field device output points DC, you should think whether that device needs a sourcing or sinking configuration of PLC I/O.

Inputs of Sink/source— All fitted DC inputs on the micro PLCs of DL05 and DL06 can be wired in a configuration of sinking or sourcing. Nevertheless, all inputs on a single general have to use the equal configuration. In some cases, the inputs of DC on option modules are set as sourcing or sinking.

Sinking outputs — All fitted DC outputs on the DL05 are sinking. The family of DL06 provides 2 PLCs with DC outputs sinking, and 2 sourcing outputs.

Sourcing outputs — The PLC family of DL06 comprises the D0-06DD2(-D) with outputs of sourcing. If a output sourcing is necessary, you may also think using the option module of D0-xxTD2 with outputs sourcing, which can also be established in a PLC of DL05 or DL06.


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