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CPU PLC – the Brain of a PLC System

One of the main components of PLC is CPU PLC. The CPU is essential to operate the whole system of the PLC. Because PLC is in fact a microcontroller applied for industries, the selection of its entire components is very important. The selection of the main components should be adjusted with the company needed the PLC system. If you own a company, and use the PLC, you have to consider carefully when you are about to install the PLC system. You have to select the components such as memory plc, power supply, I/O circuit and CPU PLC.

CPU PLC Functions
CPU PLC is the most important part in a PLC system. This is because the CPU is the brain of the PLC. The CPU has various functions. They are as follows:
• To communicate with PC or console.
• To interconnect with each part of the PLC.
• To execute programs.
• To arrange the system of input and output.
• To update the inputs and outputs.
• To perform the logic and arithmetic operations.
• To communicate with the memory.
• To scan the application programs.
• To communicate with a programming terminal.

Knowing the various functions of the CPU, you should be careful when selecting and installing. Ask for a professional to manage the CPU so that the operation of your company can go smoothly. Consider to purchase the best specification for the CPU PLC.

CPU PLC – the Components
There are various types of CPU PLC. The manufacturers offered the CPU produce various types of CPU as well as its combination. The types of the CPU are produced according to the demand of the PLC system which is very complex. Although the types of the CPU are various, all of the CPU has the same components. The components of the CPU are as follow:
• Memory chips.
• A microprocessor.
• Integrated circuits (IC).
• Interface of I/O.

Also, the CPU consists of several modes for the operation. Here are the operation modes of the CPU:
• Programming Mode.
• Run Mode.
• Reset Mode.
• Stop Mode.

When you are about to select the CPU for your factory, you should consult a professional so that you can have the best CPU. It is better for you to consider carefully and not decide to purchase the CPU in a rush. This is because the CPU PLC will affect the whole system of the PLC.


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