Sunday, April 15, 2012

Features at a Glance DL05 and DL06

The micro PLCs of DL05 and DL06 are full self-contained systems. The power supply, CPU, and I/O are all built-in inside the same housing. Alternative modules are offered to develop each PLC family capability for further challenging applications. These PLCs standard features are extraordinary and compare satisfactorily with larger and more costly PLCs.

Capacity of program
The majority Boolean ladder instructions need a program memory single word. Other instructions, such as counters, timers, etc., need 2 or more words. Data is saved in V-memory in the 16-bit registers.

The characteristics of performance shown in the tables stand for the amount of time necessary to interpret the inputs solve the program of Relay Ladder Logic and keep posted the outputs.

The DL05 and DL06 present great communication features usually found only on more costly PLCs.

Special features
The PLCs of DC input and DC output present high-speed pulse output or counting. Choice module slots permit for expansion of analog I/O, discrete I/O, or additional options of communication.

Software of DirectSOFT
The PLCs of DL05 and DL06 utilize the similar familiar programming software of DirectSOFT that the bigger PLCs use. A DirectSOFT FREE version offers you all the powerful features of the full version, but with a download limitation of 100-word PLC program. The full package is needed for programs larger than 100 words. The free software of PC-DS100 might be enough to program the PLC of DL05 and DL06. You will require version 2.4 or later for the PLCs of DL05 and version 4.0 or later for the DL06 when you want to program with a complete pack up version prior to version 5.0. They always suggest the latest version for the mainly vigorous features.

It is vital to recognize the requirements of installation for your system of DL05 or DL06. Your understanding of these requirements will facilitate to make sure that your system works within its electrical and environmental limits.

Safety plan
This should never be utilized as a substitute for the user manual. You can buy, free download, or observation online the user manuals for these products of DL05 and DL06 . The D0-USER-M is the journal for the PLCs of DL05, and the D0-06USER-M is the journal for the PLCs of DL06. The D0-OPTIONS-M is the user guidance manual for the choice modules. These user manuals include vital safety information that has to be followed. The installation system should fulfill with all suitable electrical standards and codes.


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