Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Intelligent Indexing Servo Drive of Baldor Flex Drive-II

Flex+DriveII of Baldor is a extremely versatile intelligent AC servo drive with incorporated movement controller for both sophisticated and simple indexing applications. An easy preset position or velocity table can be organized from the front end of Windows. Each speed or move can be started through the digital inputs. The 16 preset shifts can be extended to 256 moves through the expansion card of I/O. Flex+DriveII can be planned in MintMT programming language a single tasking version for more sophisticated indexing applications.

Flex+DriveII offer control of both linear and rotary motors. The options of Fieldbus include Profibus DP, CANopen, and DeviceNet. The master onboard encoder input can be utilized for applications of gearing.

Flex+DriveII is offered in three phase from 2.5Amp to 27.5Amp and single phase from 2.5Amp to 7.5Amp.

Flexible programming is offered by means of MintMT, the supplied ActiveX components or a fundamental like programming language.

• Incorporated movement controller of intelligent brushless servo drive
• Defined as 16 user preset positions, extendable to 256 option I/O card
• Control both linear and rotary servo motors
• Direct online single phase 115/230VAC, from 2.5Amp to 7.5Amp constant
• Direct online 3 phase 230-460VAC, from 2.5Amp to 27.5Amp constant
• External 24VDC input option to keep control electronics during power down
• Enclosure of panel-mounting
• Display for diagnostics using 7 segment
• Incremental encoder, resolver, and feedback options of absolute (EnDat)
• Encoder output simulation
• Gearing applications of master encoder input
• Software oscilloscope and auto tuning wizard facilities through front end of Windows
• Direction command and analog or pulse reference
• 8 uncommitted digital inputs of opto-isolated Mint usage programmable and through front end of Windows.
• The 2 inputs can be planned to confine the position of axis within 1 msec.
• 3 uncommitted digital outputs (PNP) of opto-isolated Mint usage programmable and through front end of Windows.
• 14-bit differential for reference of command or common purpose - 1x analog input
• 10 digital inputs/5 outputs of I/O expansion.
• Usage configurable of I/O via front end of WorkBench v5
• Fieldbus connectivity of factory fit: CANopen, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet
• User selectable of serial channel S232 and RS485,
• Single-tasking programming of MintMT with program space of 64k
• If your application needs more complicated types of move for example flying shear or cam profiling, or needs non-volatile data, libraries of ActiveX offered free of charge.


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