Friday, April 13, 2012

Micro Programmable Logic Controller of DirectLOGIC

The product lines of DirectLOGIC DL05 and DL06 are a micro PLCs family designed to vigorous more appliances than others family of PLC in their level. Initiating with the DL05 which is contain of 8-inputs and 6-outputs, the entire gradient to the entirely extended to 100 inputs and outputs PLC of DL06, they are a typical that can develop with the updating requirements of your control applications of process or device.

The low-cost DL05 PLC provides a lot of features including:
• 8t fitted inputs and 6 fitted outputs, developable to 30 I/O total
• 8 AC or DC combinations f powered PLC units with relay I/O, DC and AC
• Program and data memory for 6 KB
• Two ports of communication
• Supports slave of DeviceNET, master/slave of MODBUS RTU, slave of Profibus and networking of Ethernet
• Great functions like subroutines, drum sequencers, and FOR/ NEXT loops
• Smallest cards of I/O in the micro class
• Removable terminal block
• Companionable with wiring connection systems of AutomationDirect ZIPLink for 16-point discrete versions.

The family of DL05 micro PLC comprises 8 different models. Each has 8 inputs and 6 outputs in the base unit. The DL05 has one module slot option, which can be utilized to develop the I/O count, give additional communications ability or put in a battery back-up and real-time clock. The larger family of DL06 micro PLC contains 20 inputs and 16 outputs in the base unit. The DL06 consist 4 module slots option which is able to be utilized to put in I/O or give added options of communications.

Sets of Instruction
The CPU of DL05 provides high speed counting, PID capability, and the majority of the same great instruction set as the popular D2-250-1 CPU, with the instructions of IBox available in DirectSOFT ver 5. All PLCs of DL05 have two fitted communications ports of RS-232 that can be utilized for operator interface, programming, networking, etc.

The CPU of DL06 offers floating point number handling, PID capability, and an instruction set very analogous to the D2-260 CPU, including the instructions of IBox offered in DirectSOFT ver 5. All PLCs of DL06 contain two fitted communications ports that can be utilized for operator interface, programming, networking, etc. One of the ports of DL06 is a multi-function port able of communications for RS-232, RS-485, or RS-422.

Power options
The families of DL05 and DL06 include DC and AC power options. They are also presented with various I/O options.


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