Thursday, April 12, 2012

Modbus MVI46-MCM of Master/Slave Module for SLC Platform

Description: The MVI46 Communication Module of Modbus Master/Slave enables SLC processors of Rockwell Automation to interface simply with other protocol of Modbus compatible devices. It includes not only Modicon PLCs but also a broad variety of end devices. The module performs as a module of input/output between the network of Modbus and the backplane of Rockwell Automation. The data transmit from the processor is asynchronous from the accomplishments on the network of Modbus.

Type: Interface of I/O; Modbus Connectivity

• Support for the transfer and storage of up to 5000 registers from and to the processor data files of SLC;
• Memory of user-definable;
• Two ports to imitate any arrangement of Modbus slave or master device;

• SLC chassis compatible;
• Current load of backplane 800 mAmp @5 Volts;
• Working temperature 0 to 60oC or 32 to 140 oF;
• Temperature of storage from -40 to 85oC or -40 to 185oF;
• Shock 50gr non-operational, 30g operational;
• Vibration 5gr from 10 to 150 Hz;
• Relative humidity w/o condensation from 5 to 95%;
• Indicators of LED: status of Module, transfer status of Backplane, status of Application, status of Serial activity and error LED;
• Serial port configuration: compatible DB-9M PC, Hardware handshaking, RS-232;
• Serial port Application RS-422, RS-232, DB-9M PC compatible, (PRT1, PRT2) (2);

Communication Modules of Control Logix and SLC
Communications Module of Modbus (3150-MCM)
The Communication Module of Modbus enables the user to simply construct each of its 2 ports as either a Modbus Slave or Master.

Communication Module of Modbus (MVI46-MCM)
The module of MVI46-MCM operates as a gateway between the network of Modbus and the backplane of Allen-Bradley. The data transmit from the processor of SLC is asynchronous from the accomplishments on the network of Modbus. A register space of 5000-word in the module is utilized to replace data between the network of Modbus and the processor.

SLC 5/03 - RTU-5/03 Processor with Slave on Ch. 0 of Modbus
The Processor of ProSoft RTU-5/03, expected purposefully at the marketplace of SCADA, is a processor of Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 that has been customized to contain the protocol of Modbus Slave developed in Channel 0. The full command of SLC set functionality is presented, and the unit is planned with standard programming tools of ladder.

Module of Modbus Master/Slave (MVI 56-MCM)
The module of MVI 56-MCM is a single slot, compatible solution of backplane for the platform of Allen-Bradley ControlLogix. This module gives highly configurable support of both implementations of Modbus Master and Slave, allowing a lot of SCADA and field devices supporting Modbus to be incorporated into the powerful platform of ControlLogix.


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