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The Modules and ELC Programmable Logic Controllers

The Eaton Logic Controller symbolized by ELC is most recent offering of Eaton Cutler-Hammer into the market of PLC. Using the newest technology is reduce the size of ELC, with its rich module variety provides a concept of just right, for bringing only what you wish for the cost you want.

Features Wealth
The family of ELC recommends four controllers styles. These controllers provide mixtures of the below features:
• High speed of output pulse and high speed capture of pulse on all controllers
• Great selection of module relay/transistor out, AC/DC in
• Great analog in and out selection, RTD platinum, thermocouple, combined
• More than 200 instructions to select from: communications, Floating point math, conversion number of ASCII, BCD, hex, octal, decimal.
• 2 serial ports of Modbus RTU and ASCII
• Controller of ELC can be wired for communications of remote I/O

The I/O Right Amount
Why compensate for functionality you will not require? Why be fascinated with functionality that you cannot measure to gather changing requires? Eaton is altering the whole thing with the ELC. The ELC of Cutler-Hammer is a perfect method when space is at a premium and dedicated I/O requires present themselves at less than half the most PLCs size.

Value Added Differences of ELC
4 Controller Styles:
• Fundamental, Over 130 instructions of 14 I/O (8 Inputs and 6 Outputs) supply all the power you require; 2 ports of serial for communications of master/slave
• Clock and Calendar, Same attributes as the essential clock/calendar model plus, retentive data storage and remote I/O
• Analog, Same attributes as analog in and out of clock/calendar plus
• High Speed, All the clock/ calendar features with the capability to confine or output 100 Khz pulses

Cost Saving and Space Saving
This design of space-saving rightly fits at home in small stations of machine control as well as other together with these applications where room is vital. It can also be extended to 256 I/O while the ELC is completely matched for applications with 40 I/Os and less. It means there is no need to adjust to a diverse controller as I/O needs make bigger. Moreover, the 2 communication ports of ELC can give any task of networking. The ELC replaces and distributes information with up to 16 other devices in remote mode. The ELC can correspond with up to 32 other devices in normal mode. Their small size enables for cut down panel size, and saves space for valuable machine.

The controller offers a large PLC instruction set in a small package. It is accomplished of block compare, communications, interrupts, clock/calendar and logic, 1-, 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-bit instructions, block move, over 240 instructions.

No Required of Racks
A rail DIN allows you to add as many as modules wanted. All links are finished automatically.

Large Features of PLC
Multiple ports of communication, ability of remote I/O, storage of data, counters with high speed, resolution of timer to 10 ms, interrupts, PIDs, and many more.

Easy Drives Connectivity
Communications ELC simply to drives of MVX, removing the need to work drives by voltage/current analog or digital I/O. ELC can admittance all of the considerations in the MVX.

Remote Communication
All ELC modules of analog type are able of individual operation. The ELC corresponds to the module of analog via its port of communications Mounted remotely. The ELC also allows you interpret parameters, use scale, set parameters, average values, and offset.

Programs of ELCSoft in standard of sequential function chart programming, ladder, or instruction list.

Modules of ELC
Expansion Modules of ELC
Expansion modules of ELC offer the right quantity of I/O for solutions of application. Select 8 or 16 expansion modules of I/O added to the processor of ELC 256 I/O.

Specialty Modules of ELC
Additionally, the specialty modules of ELC expansion such as analog I/O, thermocouple, Platinum temperature, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, and switch module simulator. The 485APTR ELC simply connects the MVX drive RS485 port, controllers and other devices.

Built-In Display
A LED display integral offers user allocated error messages, process monitoring, display counts alarms, and many more.

ELC Graphic Panels are trouble-free to program and simple join to ELC products. ELC Graphic panels build adjusting an application simple and fast. ELC Graphic panels also join to IQMODBUS meters, MVX drives of Cutler-Hammer, and much more other devices. These tough panels also correspond with other main controllers with over 30 objects that can be located everywhere on the screen. These graphic panels contain 2 serial ports which can be utilized concurrently to correspond. The applications transfer to or from these graphic panels with the module of handy transfer.

10 functions keys of programmable offer simple to modify pages, input values of numeric, enter passwords of alpha-numeric, set, reset and many more.


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