Monday, April 16, 2012

Networking the DL05 and DL06

All PLCs of DL05 and DL06 have fitted capability of networking. The family of DL05 provides RS-232 ports, two 6-pin. You can utilize these ports for networking, programming, or connecting a device of operator interface. The ports of RS-232 support point-to-point communications with the optional cable of D0-CBL. If you require making a multi-drop network or requiring longer distances between devices, you can utilize the FA-ISOCON at every DL05 to exchange the signal of RS-232 to RS-485 or RS- 422.

The PLCs of DL06 family provides even larger communications flexibility. Port 1 is a set baud rate port equal to port 1 on the PLCs of DL05, but port 2 is a multi-function port that can be utilized as Modbus/ASCII only (RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485) not including using external converters. This lets you to make networks of multi-drop with minimal installation.

Protocols supported
Each port is able to communicate with K-sequence, protocols of Modbus RTU and DirectNET. Port 1 can be a slave for every of the protocols. Port 2 can provide as a slave of K-sequence or a master or slave network for either protocols of Modbus RTU or DirectNET.

Protocols Serial Bus
They also present option modules that permit you to join a PLC of DL05 or DL06 to various networks as a slave device. The option of H0-PSCM (PROFIBUS) and D0-DEVNETS (DeviceNet) modules plug into any PLC of DL05 or DL06. The module of D0-DCM Data Communications supports protocols of Modbus RTU and DirectNET.

Adapter modules of ZIPLink communication
The adapter modules of ZIPLink communications offer quick and well-located screw terminal connection for the DL06 CPU bottom port. The adapter modules are selectable DIP switch of RS232/422 and are presented with or without indicative of LEDs and surge protection.

Communication modules of Optional Ethernet
It needs to connect to a computer system or high speed HMI? They provide Ethernet communications modules for 10Base-T and 100Base-T. You can apply Ethernet communication modules for the H0-ECOM and H0-ECOM100 with their Stride Ethernet switches or with the majority hubs or switches of off-the-shelf Ethernet. The modules of ECOM option plug into any PLC of DL05 or DL06. The H0-ECOM100 supports the standard industry of Modbus TCP protocol.

Power budgeting
No power budgeting is required for the DL05. The fitted power supply is adequate for powering the base unit, the handheld programmer, any of the modules option, and even an operator interface of DV1000. Power budgeting is required for the DL06.


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