Thursday, April 26, 2012

PLC Link models Matlab/Simulink

The recognition of models Matlab/Simulink begins with the code generation automatically. For this motive, Hybrid-Tech has built up the PLC Link tool. The models Simulink mostly include blocks and links. Any block has its individual and accurately identified behavior. PLC Link converts these models into code of PLC which can be practiced by the control. The models generated by the code generation automatically process realize themselves into the automation system process world.

All conceivable possibilities, which are recognizable to the user from the traditional PLC programming, are reserved. PLC Link is a code generator automatically which lets to test and realize models Matlab/Simulink on the hardware of PLC. Therefore, the efforts of manual programming are decreased to a smallest and in numerous cases in fact not necessary.

In numerous industrial sectors like aerospace, airplane, wind energy and automotive, Matlab/Simulink have effectively stated themselves. The application of the co-simulation and PLC Link lets process-near testing of the functionality code PLC without the requirement for the real process and all its amount and troubles. Automatically PLC Link converts models Simulink and charts of Stateflow in compatible code of IEC61131-3. The process of translation produces Structured Text with function blocks, type definitions, functions, and links.

In the environment of IEC 61131, the converted model Simulink is executed by function blocks with named inputs and outputs and variables which offer the similar functionality than in the environment of Matlab/Simulink. Consequently, the code generated can be simply sensed as the equal names applied in the models Simulink and charts Stateflow are applied in the code. System model of Antiblock, translated to IEC61131-3 through PLCopen XML PLC Link supports the majority of the accessible Simulink blocks, but also offers own blocks and objects which let to implant individual code into a model. For instance, the set in script of Matlab can be utilized with this kind of block and converted into Structured Text of IEC61131-3.

PLC Link is incorporated into the environment of Matlab through the menu of Simulink, but can also be admittance through the environment of command line identified from Matlab. Additionally to the potential to realize individual code, particular PLC Link blocks let the straight data switch over with the PLC, and, dependent on the PLC, also the full admission to all PLC-own OPC Server data. Therefore, co-simulation, software in-the-loop tests, and online checking already during confirmation are possible. Control manufacturers who use IEC programming environment of KW-Software as source for their own tools can simply advantage from this technology.


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