Friday, April 27, 2012

Programming Software of DirectSOFT5 PLC

The PC-DSOFT5 or DirectSOFT5 is the full featured of programming software of 32 bit Windows based it is for the complete PLC family of DirectLOGIC. This comprises all DL105s, DL06s, DL05s as good as every CPU in the product families of PLC DL405, DL305 and DL205. They also enclose a FREE version of DirectSOFT5 it calls as PCDS100 offered for download from their website, which will let you to download and program a size of project up to 100 words long.

Highly developed features
• fill-in-the-blank instructions of IBox
• Tabbed displays to optimize performance area
• Dockable, floatable and groupable it is completely customizable Tool Bars
• The Day Tip is a good method to learn short cuts new and features.
• The documentation export to all of the new C-more Touch Panels to utilize as the tag names in the panel project
• The Themes of User Interface (Views->Themes) allows you to offer the DirectSOFT5 a convinced appear and experience you like
• The features of E-Mail with the communications cards of 100Mbit and the DirectSOFT5
• Dockable window lets you to change place Cross Reference Views and Data View, auto-hide or even slit away and put them outside of the work space of DirectSOFT5 for full viewing optimization of ladder.

The features of favorite standard
• Position and Click editing from the toolbar control (customizable to place the instructions you utilize mainly at your fingertips)
• Auto Tuning of PID is standard in the DirectSOFT5
• Easy timers of DRUM for operations sequential
• The recently 4 most of Automatic backup stored amends to the development
• A package of the DirectSOFT5supports ALL CPUs

Programming instructions of IBox
The instructions of IBox are smart instructions of modularized that carry out easy to complicated ladder logic. The instructions are planned to cut down development time and create PLC programming simpler. By characteristic instructions, general tasks for example configuring an analog card, programming a equation of math or even setup an on or off delay timer can need code multiple lines. It is done with one simple instruction with the IBox. Even complex tasks, for example configuring a high speed counter of CTRIO or preset table of pulse output, are easy with instructions of IBox. IBoxes are compatible with DirectLOGIC CPUs that have supporting the firmware. The instruction of IBox categories comprises Discrete Helper, Memory, Communications, Analog Helper, CTRIO, and Math.


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