Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Click Series PLCs for More Effective Solution

There are some choices to consider when searching for a PLC and one of them is Click series PLCs. A PLC has become quite popular in automation industry due to some benefits offered by PLCs. For those who need to get a very reliable PLC, click PLC will be the best answer. So what can we expect from the click PLC? The click PLC is specifically designed to offer practical features in a compact design and also the best ease of use. For its software, it can be downloaded for free from its official website. There are some good reasons why we should consider click PLC over other choices. It is not only useful to provide a scalable solution but also offers a cost effective solution.

Click Series PLC

Click Series PLCs Features
For those who need to get a PLC with the lowest cost, click PLC is one that should be taken into consideration. There is no need to get a smart relay if we can find a better solution such as using Click series PLCs. When it comes to finding a practical PLC, there is no doubt that click PLC is the best solution. For those who need more information, here are some features to expect from click PLC:
• It offers easy installation: The fact is the click PLC control system can be used without the need of a mounting base. The I/O modules and click CPU are connected together by using an expansion port.
• It offers an expandable I/O: what
• It comes with built in communications
o It comes with two built in RS 232 communication ports that can be configured for ASCII networks and MODBUS RTU
• It comes with analog input and analog output
• It comes with battery backup and calendar/clock
• It comes with free PLC programming software
o It comes with 21 easy to use instructions which will help us on how to use this product
o The software can be downloaded for free in its official website

Click Series PLCs Software
When it comes to its software, the software can be downloaded for free from its official website. Here are some good things to expect from its software:
• It comes with 21 easy to use instructions
o The click PLC supports a practical and simple instruction set
o These 21 easy to use instructions cover many applications
• It comes with 8,000 steps program memory
• Click series PLCs software also comes with decimal memory addressing


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