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Battery Level Indicator using PLC with Analog Input PLC and Digital Output PLC

For this application, I use Omron PLC CP1L with external analog input and digital output as digital battery level indicator with 4 levels for 6 volt battery.
See the video for this application:

A. Wiring Diagram between Battery, Analog Input PLC, and Digital Output PLC of Omron PLC CP1L
1. Omron PLC CP1L-L10 with external analog input
External Analog Input Omron PLC CP1L-Ll10

2. External Analog Cable
External Analog Cable
Black color to negative battery
White color to positive batteryy

3. Battery DC 6 Volt for Testing
For this application, I use battery dc 1.5 volt as many as 4 pieces.
Battery DC 1.5Volt 4 pieces

A.2. Installation
1. Battery to Analog Input PLC
Battery to Analog Input PLC

2. Accumulator to Analog Input PLC
Accumulator to Analog Input PLC

B. Information about External Analog Input of Omron PLC CP1L
Analog voltage values ​​0 volts to 10 volts can be digitized with 0 to 255. Digitized values are sent to the A643 of Omron PLC CP1L. The following is relationship between Voltage Values and A643.
Voltage and A643 Value of Analog Input PLC CP1L

C. 6 volt and 4 levels battery indicator to digitized
The following descriptions:
1. 10 Volt digitized = 255
2. 6 Volt digitized = (255/10) X 6 = 153

3. 6 Volt per 4 Levels (Per Level) digitized = 153/4 = 38.25
In PLC Programming: Because per Level there is 2 digits after point, and then 153 multiplied by 100. And Value for per Level = (153 X 100) / 4 = 15300 / 4 = 3825 (this value no point and suitable for PLC programming)

4. The values of each level become:
4. a. Level 1: (153 X 100)/4 = 3825 is the digital value of analog 1.5 Volt of battery
4. b. Level 2: (153 X 100)/3 = 7650 is the digital value of analog 3 Volt of battery
4. c. Level 3: (153 X 100)/2 = 34425 is the digital value of analog 4.5 Volt of battery
4. d. Level 4: (153 X 100)/1 = 15300 is the digital value of analog 6 Volt of battery

5. PLC Programming for per levels of Battery Level Indicator
5. a. BufferA643 = A643 X 100
5. b. Level 1: If (BufferA643) >= 3825) Then Digital Output 100.00 = ON
5. c. Level 2: If (BufferA643) >= 7650) Then Digital Output 100.01 = ON
5. d. Level 3: If (BufferA643) >= 34425) Then Digital Output 100.02 = ON
5. e. Level 4: If (BufferA643) >= 15300) Then Digital Output 100.03 = ON

The following is relationship between battery level indicator and Digital Value (A643) of Omron PLC CP1L.
between battery level indicator and digital value

D. Digital Output Light Lit for each Level
Digital Output Light Lit Level1

Digital Output Light Lit Level2

Digital Output Light Lit Level3

Digital Output Light Lit Level4

E. Ladder Program for Battery Level Indicator
Ladder PLC Program for Battery Level Indicator

Download PLC Program File: Click Here

F. Video about make ladder program for Battery Level Indicator

G. For other battery voltage
Battery voltage greater than 10 volt should use additional resistors, e.g. 12VDC, etc.
In this case use Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL), See the picture below:
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law for Analog Input PLC
Example Battery Voltage (V) =12volt
V=12 volt
R2=1000 ohm
V2=10 volt
I=V / (R1+R2)
V2/R2 =V / (R1+R2)
V2*R1=V*R2 – V2*R2
R1= ((V-V2)*R2)/V2
R1=200 ohm
Watt Resistor (Standards: 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, etc.)
Watt R1=I*I*R1=0.01*0.01*200 = 0.02watt = 1/8W
Watt R2 =I*I*R2=0.01*0.01*1000=0.1watt = 1/4W
For Battery Voltage=12volt uses R1=200 ohm 1/8W and R2=1000 ohm 1/4W
For other battery voltage, you can try with way the above.


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