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Let’s Start Learning LogixPro 500 PLC Simulator Independently

As the automatic control machine, PLC can not freely be used for training for beginners technician. In addition to expensive, PLC control circuit is usually connected with the plant, so it is too risky if used for training. The solution of technical problems in this field is to devise a training exercise modules PLC using PLC simulator. Popular simulation module used is LogixPro 500 PLC Simulator.

Bottle Line Simulation
Bottle Line Simulation

LogixPro 500 Simulator PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a software simultor PLC that can be easily obtained on the internet for free so that the simulation module can be used student as learning materials. The module is quite complete and could be a tool to learn Allen-Bradley's (Rockwell) RSLogix 500 ranging from how to work and ladder diagrams easily. Allen-Bradley has a modular device so that its device components separately, between the CPU, IO and memory, which is incorporated in a rack that requires many other supporting software such as Concept and Prosimgraphspro. However, in this training module, we focus to do a combination of ProSim-II simulation process with PLC Editor / Emulator to obtain conditions similar to Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) RSLogix 500.

How to Obtain software LogixPro 500
LogixPro 500 is a free software that you can download directly (Vista and Win7) from the official website of the company.
or Download from my google drive, click here
However, you are only given 15 days to use the trial module. On these modules are still many shortcomings because some features such as print and file save LogixPro capability deactivated and limited only to use the function I / O, Door, and Silo simulations. For beginners like students who are just learning PLC, the training modules can be tried. At the next level, you should buy a module package paid for admission to the module level professionals with some of the challenges more exciting ProSim-II Simulations programming.

How was expensive cost of buying LogixPro module 500?
As a special module for training, LogixPro composed well structured by educators and experienced control industrial practitioners. The material presented in easily understandable language students, so that they can enjoy learning this module. According to their official site, this training module can be obtained at a price of $ 35 (US funds) per copy / license. You can download directly from the download link provided after you make the payment. If you want a practical, LogixPro 500 is also available on CD ready to install. To get LogixPro 500 CD / Key Edition costs you must pay is $ 46.

The best display feature to run LogixPro 500 Simulator
For your convenience in learning, there are special requirements that you should fulfill to get the best view display. LogixPro 500 can work with the best look for the following conditions:
  • Operating system using Win95 through Win8 system
  • Setting the display of at least 800x600 pixel screen
  • Should equipped sound system for ease in understanding the simulation material
  • By default the software is using a small font setting, if you want to enlarge the display can change as you wish
As consideration for learning LogixPro 500 Simulator Independently
  • Function LogixPro 500 Simulator are for testing and evaluation training program only and it is not to replace the PLC
  • LogixPro 500 Simulator is useful for reducing dependency that requires training supporting components materials such as PLC, RSLogix, and a host of electrical components
  • Not everyone understands RSLogix, therefore LogixPro 500 Simulator module is equipped with a sample program file for the Silo Simulation
Special guidance for using Silo Simulation Program
  • Perform download the file "silo.rsl" and install correctly on your computer
  • Run the program in the PLC (emulator) and change the menu on the PLC into "RUN" mode
  • Silo simulation can be run by pressing START push-button
  • To change the program design you can do with changing the menu PLC into the "PGM" after doing the download, install the PLC (emulator) and press again the module "Run"
Further instruction
If you have difficulty in learning silo simulation of this program, then you can visit the official website LogixPro 500 Simulator for further guidance.

The benefits of learning LogixPro 500 PLC Simulator Independently
After studying the training modules LogixPro 500 PLC Simulator Independently of this, it is expected:
  • Students understand the basic simulation-based PLC program LogixPro 500 PLC Simulator before practice directly within the plant control system
  • Students already have a stock of theory and practice enough before the start of practice in the industry automatic control
  • Students must be disciplined in learning to get the best result
  • Students understand the logic Relay, Silo Simulation Using Logic Relay, Timer introduction, the "ON" "OFF", counters, logic basic command program
  • Students are expected to have an idea and an imagination of PLC control system applications in industry


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