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Get economical solutions to basic control needs with Micro and Nano Allen-Bradley Control Systems

Some applications in industrial control systems such as conveyor automation, security systems, and building and parking lot lighting does not require a complex system designs. For these conditions, you only need a PLC with low budget, easy to use and fairly with simple controls engine support. Allen- Bradley micro and nano PLCs can be an economical solution for your basic control needs. This system already covers the replacement of relays for simple control of time and logic. Although simple but this system can be designed in a compact package, integrated I / O and communications as well as easy to use in simple control applications.

Micro and Nano Allen-Bradley Control Systems

1. Micro800 Control Systems

Plug-in module to personalize the system makes Micro800® Control Systems are easy to use with a relatively low cost. The installation and maintenance of stand alone machines offer a wide range of controller-small size (10 ... 48 points) and can be optimized for specific tasks. Micro800 controllers are also supported up to 132 I / O points with the same capabilities as Micro control other series with an additional device such as an embedded Ethernet and 2085 expansion I / O Several other supporting features such as:
  • Port communications (DeviceNet, serial port) and I / O (digital, analog, HSC) with embedded Ethernet capables to provide connectivity to PC, HMI and other devices with Micro820 ™ and Micro850
  • Micro810® Axis compatible with 12 I / O points with 4 high current relay outputs (8A) for smart relay application that is able to support the speed and position control using pulse train output (PTO) with Micro830® and Micro850®

2. MicroLogix Control Systems

MicroLogix control system offers an affordable package system design through the selection of the right components, the right price in accordance with the company budget. For the sake of the efficiency of this control system provides a toolkit design, software programming, and all the right products bundled together to help you more quickly design and develop machines.

Users can get the same benefits as traditional SLCs and PLC with a support device that is compatible with PanelView ™ is equipped with a graphical terminal components that are reliable and trustworthy. To speed up the response to problem in the production plan, the system has been equipped with RSLogix ™ 500 programming software and programming software RSLogix Micro, entrusted able to provide a common set of instructions for Micrologix ™ and SLC ™ 500 controllers in response to disturbances that arise.

3. Pico Control System

Pico control system has a standard concept with a small, simple and flexible design. The control system is suitable for a wide range of graphic display applications with simple but having multi-function flexibility and inter-connectivity. This greatly helps the process of production control with limited budget.

Pico features already matched with control system circuitry basic needs in the design of controls that include installation flexibility, easier programming and control expanded with the support of the appropriate HMI.

The performance system can be maximized by using Pico GFX to control functions including:
Control the speed and control valves, employ new math instructions, and facilitate embedded analog inputs and outputs.


Some applications of Micro- and Nano Allend Bradley PLCs in the production process gives ease of maintenance, less wiring, easier tracking system and relatively low power consumption. PLC type is also easy in the Inter-connectivity between controllers PicoGFX ™ via Pico-Link network and is able to increase the available capacity through the expansion I / O modules. In addition to user-friendly, intuitive programming software can be downloaded for easy so that any release the latest version can be update easily.


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