Friday, September 4, 2015

Implementation SCADA System and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, currently known term Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in order to optimize the production process. MES combines multiple control systems that provide visual management applications, instant and paperless, one of which is the application of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to gather real-time data that can effectively control and monitor industrial equipment and manufacturing processes.

SCADA and MES for Automotive Industry

SCADA Control System in The MES Applications

In the process of the automotive manufacturing industry, one of the targets to be met is setting increasingly stringent delivery schedules. This can only be met by increasing production and efficiency through the operation of IT systems management and industrial control devices. It needs cooperation between MES software provider who has extensive experience in the field of management of manufacturing and factory automation and professional and trustworthy partner that offers SCADA solution. SCADA is used as a data gateway between front-end equipment and MES applications. One solution that can be offered is the provision of related hardware device that has a standard industry with durable and strong features to meet the needs of a particular plant. This should be supported by an open architecture software to create a feature-rich user-friendly interface that can facilitate the operations that can be controlled remotely monitoring is included to obtain accurate data so that it can speed up the production process.

The Different Between SCADA and MES for Automotive Industry

SCADA and MES currently applied simultaneously in the automotive manufacturing industry. Both have a little difference. MES implementation typically combine multiple control systems to provide management application visual, instantaneous and paperless while for the next stage Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) function to collect real-time data and transfer it back to the center console effectively to control and monitor industrial equipment and the manufacturing process so that the two system scan support each other to support the production process.

SCADA and MES in Automation Pyramid


With the widespread use of MES applications, the company has begun to change the mode of the production process of a traditional control system gradually towards a distributed control system via the SCADA. Thus, the challenges of the automotive industry in the development of technology-based management system control is now answered with the implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). It was more importantly, to provide an easy to learn and use software, and only two-day training course is enough to make IT programmers get the hang of it, so the production goal setting can be achieved.


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