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Why you have to use FrontLine Control Systems Connector for SCADA/BMS

A computer-based automatic control system to control and monitor mechanical and electrical equipment needed to further improve productivity, longer equipment life, reduce costs, ensure safety and compliance and performance measurement.
Applications are widely used SCADA system that allows operations staff to manage the Building Management System which is different from a graphical user interface with one another and serve to ensure optimal communication between the various types of BMS. To produce optimal system performance required the support of some devices such as OPC server is software that is delivered by the supplier BMS, Frontline Control Systems Connector, existing sensors and meters are Able to pass equipment fault alarm and usage of data directly to the Maintenance Management System to automatically generate corrective and PM (Preventive Maintenance) Work Orders. In this case, you have to use Frontline Control Systems Connector
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Why you have to use FrontLine Control Systems Connector

SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) or BMS (Building Management System) is able to produce a good performance if they are supported by a real-time link connector that can connect the equipment and Frontline Maintenance Management. This connector is called the Control System Connector Frontline. The most important part of this connector is the sensor and meter that is able to bypass the fault alarm equipment and use of the data directly into maintenance management systems. Data transmission process can automatically generate repair and PM (Preventive Maintenance) Work Orders.

Benefits of Using Frontline Systems Control Connector

In SCADA applications, there are 2 important elements, namely:
  • Process, system or machine that will be monitored and controlled - could be a power plant, irrigation systems, computer networks, traffic light system traffic or anything;
  • A network equipment 'smart' interface to the system via sensors and control outputs. With this network, which is the SCADA system, allowing you to monitor and control the components of the system.

To support the above performance of two essential elements needed Frontline Systems Control Connector that has the following benefits:
  • User more easily in the early detection of defective equipment
  • Cost efficiency improvement but still have a faster response improvement
  • Catch better maintenance quality and having standard maintenance instructions and fault diagnostics
  • Faster payback to get better gain
  • Automatic system to avoid human error
  • Paperless and frees up employee time
  • Increase productivity employee

You can make use SCADA to manage a wide variety of equipment. Usually, SCADA systems are used to process complex industrial automatically, replacing human labor (could be because it was considered dangerous or impractical - the logical consequence is laid off), and usually the processes which involve factors more control, factors fast-motion control more, and so forth, where control by humans become uncomfortable or safe again.


So far constraints in using a manual system was experiencing frequent delays, negligence, human error and insecurity in the running production process. Besides, the use of paper-based manual system raises the queue administration so inefficient and may even pose a serious threat if the conditions of the production process in an emergency.
This is encouraging the use of automatic control sisyem with the support of Frontline Systems Control Connector absolute need so that automated data collection and processing is faster, more accurate and safer than a manual system using paper forms.


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