Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Omron Manufacturing Visual Control Boards to Support the Identification of Defects in the Production Chain Quickly and Accurately

In the industrial world today is complex and competitive, the need for a system that can work quickly and precisely in order to diagnose an event or condition, felt increasingly urgent, it is not because the decision must be made quickly and accurately. Mata is one of the organs of the body and the senses are very vital. With an eye one can know something then analyzed by the brain so that the person can take the necessary decisions on the spot. On this basis developed a control system based on vision (eye).

Today some of the industry has developed a control system is commonly known as visual control systems are quite effective, efficient, yet practical in its application.

Visual Control System using Omron Product

Omron Visual Control and devices

Omron produce Visual Control products and devices that has known as a manufacturer of control systems specifically produce products that have the ability to automatically identify defects in the production chain. Visual control has become an integral part of industrial production and one of the trends in modern control systems.

The visual system consists of a device control Vision Sensor FQ2. Visa FQ2 sensor compact and integrated in the processor itself, making it ideal for installation in confined spaces. The advantages of visual Omron control is the choice of using one or more sensors depending on the complexity of the specific application requirements and specifications of the project. This system can perform complex tasks and bit each day quickly and with high accuracy.

How does Omron Visual Control Works?

Visual system products from Omron control work based on integrated sensors and lighting that enables uniform brightness wide field of view. It words as the most commonly used checks quality solutions in the industry, according to the sensor for visual recognition and as a more sophisticated form of their visual system.

Process control starting of any visual system with one or more sensors that record the images necessary to further analysis and processing software elements to execute data processing results. In addition to the sensors, the control system is equipped with advanced camera for high resolution imaging. It also using eleven different filters and verify barcodes, OCR and other forms of simple quality checks. For more complex applications, such as simultaneous examination of multiple pro waterline or inspection object 360 you can use visual Xpectia FH system.

FlexXpect software package to support the visual control functions

To support the good performance of the visual control is needed software support that can meet the needs if the data quickly and accurately. FlexXpect features a simple user interface, which is licensed as a control solution set easily and efficiently. The built-in touch screen interface and icon based menu structure allows the complexity of programming the system is kept to a minimum as the official distributor of OMRON.


Visual control system using Omron product has several functions such as the identification and verification of characters (OCR / OCV) regardless of background, barcode verification; high resolution detection of small defects; identity checks images in full color; tools to identify the edges and patterns. This controller is supported by FlexXpect-labeling software designed to personalize inspection and packaging. Among the options available are allocated to the polar transformation of the characters printed on a curved path; reading traditional bar codes and 2D bar-code; inspection sticker on the bottle 360 ​​° using up to 4 cameras; and merge several files into one.


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