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ABB AC500-XC Special Controller for Harsh Environment Applications

ABB AC500-XC is specifically designed to answer the challenges of the control system that need reliable and robust condition. It used to design and create a scalable, cost-effective and capable of being used for eXtreme Conditions version. Through Builder Automation engineering suite, I / O modules, the performance of the system that has the scalability, flexibility, and high performance communications can be achieved. Controller is suitable for harsh environment applications such as crane, hoist, winch, robots, wind (onshore and offshore), solar because it has resistance High humidity, salt fog, vibration, plateau, Gas hazardous and temperature: from - 40 to + 70 ° C.


To support the performance of the control system need the necessary device with the following specifications as below:

AC500-XC – CPU

AC500-XC-CPU has a real time capabilities and high-speed data transmission to meet some of the demands of the control system that is easy, safe and reliable so that a modern automation solution.
The AC500-XC advantages of this CPU is that it can be used in operating temperatures of -40 ºC to + 70ºC with and be immune to vibration (IEC61131-2 / IEC60068-26). This CPU is also resistant to harmful gases (IEC60721-3.3 3C2) is H2S, SO2 / SO3, NOx, and salt fog (EN60068-2-52 / EN60068-2-11). For industrial setting control system at an altitude of 4000m above operations until the Sea Level or up to 620 HPA, PLC is fit to be the primary choice.

AC500-XC - Communication modules

The AC500-XC communication module has a communications standard and is supported by the following protocols: Profibus DP, PROFINET, Ethernet, Modbus TCP, CANopen, with a range of connectivity options integrated with additional (up to) four slots for communication module.

This communication module provide a wide range of communication possibilities for control and level the playing field and can be integrated into various combinations and to provide protection against dirt, water, gas and dust. You no longer need to use traditional practices such as HVAC for panels, shock absorbers, door sealing, etc. when not needed.

Communication interface modules

Various connectivity options for remote I / Os operate with test input signals from the process and carrier instruction logic programmed into the memory in order to generate an output signal to control the process. Interface standard in the PLC allows the control is associated with the actuator and transducer without directly using equipment circuit with protocol support Profibus DP, PROFINET, CANopen, ABB CS31

AC500-XC - S500 I / O modules

To support the operation of the control system in accordance with the needs, the AC500-XC is completed with a variety of connection consists of a connection Central, using the I Local / O bus CPU module, the connection of up to ten I / O modules can be connected to the CPU and connection outskirts of decentralization through fieldbus between the CPU module and remote I / O modules. As for each slave fieldbus, up to ten I / O modules can be connected. The device I / O modules must be configured and provide a range of basic I / O modules with different channel, a voltage signal and fieldbus connection with for example a multifunctional approach AI531 with 8 different types of signals in one module.

AC500-XC - Accessories

This controller has the accessories that support variants of the platform AC500 eXtreme Conditions. All devices have to support the function of control system to catch high performance and answer meet high operating temperature, immunity to vibration and harmful gases, and can be used in the highlands and in humid conditions.


Many users who choose AC500-XC controller with one reason that is able to be used in conditions eXtreme CPU requires memory, performance and communication onboard with expansion modules, which can be integrated into various combinations, form a network node of the smallest to the solution of the automation. For users with hazardous production sites, this controller is the right choice.


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