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Prove Your Option to GE Fanuc Product as Your Reliable Maintenance Partner in Automation System is The Right Choice

Qualitrol International is automation company that serve automation systems parts around the world since 1992. This company is expert in this field, even if a part fails, you need to get it repaired or replaced with a quality product as quickly and affordability as possible, its technical support will help you. When you have decided to buy product from this company, you will get options a multi-million dollar inventory of remanufactured PLC and HMI parts for systems from GE Fanuc, GE IP, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell, Siemens and others. In this session we will tell you many parts from GE Fanuc to ensure your option to this product is right. Qualitrol International has many products from GE Fanuc PLC in several categories such as Series One, Series One Jr, Series Three, Series Five, Series Six, and Series One.

GE Fanuc Series One PLC

1. GE/GE Fanuc Series One

Buying product from Qualitrol International you will get many wide range of product options such as Series One Accessories, Analog I / O, cable, co-processor, communication, CPU, digital I / O, high speed counter, micro PLC, programmer, racks. Series Prefix: IC610, IC620 and many others. All products have been tested, cleaned and whenever you buy them, Qualitrol International has hundreds of parts ready to ship today. You do not need to worry because each piece comes with company exclusive 2-year warranty.

If you need help backing up or take courses from your Series GE / GE Fanuc Series One as CPU TO PROGRAMMER CABLE, Series One Plus Data Communications Unit (DCU), the I / O Link Local Module, I / O Link Remote Module, I / O Expander Interface MDL, etc. Then you can learn more about this on page Integrator Kit Tech Support.

2. GE /GE Fanuc Series One Jr

Qualitrol International is also selling GE Fanuc PLC Series One Jr. Series Prefix: IC609 including system expansion, including AC, DC and Relay models, many brand new in original packaging factory, all with a warranty of 2 years. Each purchase of the product on Qualitrol International you will get the support of each Series A Junior Repair Hotline by calling at 1-800-784-9385 for FREE.

Qualitrol International has an extensive inventory of GE / GE Fanuc Series One Jr. systems such as UL Listed Series One Junior Expansion 115Vac I / O, Series One Junior Expansion 24Vdc Sink I / O, 115Vac Power, Series One Junior Expansion 24Vdc Sk In / Rly Out, 115Vac P / S, Series One Junior 115Vac In, 115 / 230Vac Out and many other parts. Each product has a 2 year warranty and ready to send every day. Do not hesitate to choose this product because Qualitrol International knows PLC, HMI, and other Automation Systems inside and out.

GE Fanuc Series 1 Junior

3. GE / GE Fanuc Series Three

Qualitrol International support clients needs GE Fanuc PLC Series Three Series Prefix: IC630 and also offering programming tools, detailed documentation, troubleshooting tips and review questions that most distributors and tech support centers just cannot seem to figure out. This company is focusing on the older PLC and HMI technology. Several parts such as the I / O Link Local and Remote Module, Base Unit, 4, 6 and 8 Slots, CPU / Programmer Unit, Series Three Data Communications Module (DCM), 4K Words and 24Vdc Sink Input Module (16 points) and many other parts can be served here. All of products will get back up program of specialist technical support Qualitrol International.

4. GE / GE Fanuc Series Five

Qualitrol International has more modules for GE / GE Fanuc Series Five, Series Prefix: IC655. It includes supporting devices such as CPU, AC and DC power supplies, analog I / O and each digital I / O modules, fully tested, cleaned and boxes with 2 year warranty. Many products support control system for example, Analog Input (8 Channels), Analog Output (2 Channels), ASCII / Basic Module, 32K, High Speed ​​Counter, Axis Positioning Module, Encoder Input, Servo Input, Local I / O Interface and many other parts also served by Qualitrol International

 GE Fanuc Series 5 PLC

5. GE / GE Fanuc Series Six

For the convenience of customers when buying products GE / GE Fanuc Series Six, Qualitrol International GE has thousands of parts GE / GE Fanuc Series Six PLC new and remanufactured in stock, including the LX and memory modules LR, discrete and analog I / O, ASCII / module Basic , Genius Bus Controller, AC and DC power supplies, and complete shelf CPU. In accordance with standard company all products Qualitrol International GE / GE Fanuc Series Six Series serves parts such as Local and Remote I / O Receiver Module, 24-48Vac / dc Input Module (8 points), 115Vac / dc Input Module (8 points), 230Vac / dc Input Module (8 points), 12VAC / DC Input Module (8 points) and many other parts that are fully tested, cleaned, packaged and comes with 2 years warranty. If you buy this product, Most parts can be delivered in days the same one. This company also handle all repair at home.

GE Fanuc Series 6


Buying product from Qualitrol International will get many benefits. Buyer will get 3 to 5 Day Turnaround on PLC Repairs, exclusive 2 year Warranty. For buyers convenience they will get 24/7 Phone Technical and Product Support by IPC-certified Repair Technicians. Do not worry to face zero stock, Because many products from GE / GE Fanuc PLCs such as Series One, Three, Five, Six and Series One Jr availability are updated every Hour. It makes increasing convenience and confidence buyer for this company service.
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