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Schneider Electric Modicon Controller, Control Solutions to maximize profitability and energy efficiency through scalable Automation Control

Modicon is a series PLC of Schneider Electric with various types such as the Modicon M171, Modicon M221, Modicon M241, Modicon M251 with main part consists of the Module Controller (CPU), Module Power Supply (CPS), Module I / O Module Network Interface, Modules Special Purpose / Intelligent, Simulator (XSM) and Battery Module (XCP), Backplanes (XBP) and Backplane Expander (XBE), Wiring type CableFast (CFX). This controller is used for industrial processes and infrastructure with high performance compact machines by combining the speed and position control functions.

Some types of Modicon controller is an intuitive solution for machine automation with all the features and functionality you need to build a machine that will improve the bottom line with the following explanation below:

Schneider Electric Modicon PLC Controller

1. Modicon M171

This controller is used for HVAC and pump control solutions by maximizing the profitability and energy efficiency through scalable automation control. This controller has two functions, namely for simple and compact machines and complex machines connectable and BMS. The differences between them are the two lies in the memory, I / Os, connectivity and an embedded webserver.

Modicon M171 has a specification that consists of a wide choice of digital or analog I / Os, communications protocols: Modbus SL, Modbus TCP, BACnet MS / TP, BACnet / IP, CAN, Profibus, ASCII, function WebVisu embedded that allows you to read data from location anywhere, and power supply: 12 V DC or 24V AC / DC or 48V DC or 100 to 240 VAC. Modicon excellence M171 is a feature for energy efficiency with the use of scalable automation control, supported by the HVAC SoMachine programming software for time efficiency.

2. Modicon M221

Modicon M221 offers outstanding flexibility, ease in the plant process manually by connecting remote operator panel that is simple for quick maintenance and visualization engine. The device consists of a control system supporting SD card and USB port 2 analog inputs and a broad selection of I / Os, Run / stop switch and extension cartridge port Ethernet and serial line.

The speed of the data process is affected by the software used. To support access speeds SoMachine Basic Navigation software simply provides the engineering process more efficient. With this software support all programming, visualization, and commissioning dealt with only in one intuitive tool with a free download facility.

3. Modicon M241

Modicon M241 provides convenience unlimited access to your machine via Ethernet by simplifying maintenance with mobile devices through visualization pages which are designed directly in SoMachine web server and stored in the PLC. The controller consists of five ports: Ethernet, CANopen, 2 rows serial, USB port for programming, rapid compaction processing system CPU, Web and FTP server.

Modicon M241 is suitable for flexible and scalable controller that allows easy upgrade to higher performance platforms to improve efficiency. This controller is connected via Ethernet, wireless access, web server to simplify integration and maintenance of the machine. Modicon M241 logic controller used for a compact machine which combines the speed and position control functions.

4. Modicon M251

Modicon M251 has a feature CANopen or Modbus TCP allows you to easily connect to SCADA, MES, ERP by a standard Ethernet cable and even through Wi-Fi to increase the flexibility of saving space for each modular and distributed architecture. This controller has the advantages of fast data access via Ethernet to improve the performance of your machine with the data transfer via the SD Card, and the embedded web server that is able to simplify the maintenance of the mobile device via a visualization page.

Users can easily get an intuitive machine programming with SoMachine, to design and build a flexible and scalable engine that allows control of the machine can be upgraded easily. Platform higher performance can be achieved with the support of Ethernet networks, wireless access, web server to simplify integration and maintenance of the machine.


Modicon provides control system with quick, easy and security functions configuration. Tesys SoLink support devices such as the starter motor, a broad line of analog and digital modules with Ethernet and Profibus communication network can improve system performance and is widely used for compact machine which combines the speed and position control functions.

To facilitate the data, it is used with SoMachine programming intuitive machine - unique software for controlling MachineStruxure. Specifications aspects of the machine with standard logic and safety, motion design and configuration of engineering HMI is able to save time by implementing a complete library or even a machine module.


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