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Take it Easy with GE Field Control parts from Qualitrol International to Ensure your Machine Setting got Proper Device and Vendor Full Supporting

GE Field Control parts are not worn device that cannot be used again in the design of control systems. Even today Qualitrol International offers complete and latest products for GE Field Control module, bus interface and rack and many other parts. This product is equipped with a 2-year warranty. Users do not need to worry because Qualitrol International now have access to newly manufactured GE Field Control parts so as to ensure the quality of products maintained and updated at any time. Featured product of GE Field Control parts consisting of Analog Input / Output, Communication, CPU, Digital I / O, and Racks will be described in detail below:

GE Field Control

1. Analog Input

These parts consists of 2 items part number namely IC670ALG230 The GE Field Control Current Source Analog Input Module and IC670ALG240 represents he 16 point grouped analog input module.

  • IC670ALG230
  • The GE Field Control Current Source Analog Input Module has power supply with 8 inputs available supported device. This power supply used for the Bus Interface Unit to support loop power for the IC670ALG230 inputs and driving multiple isolated transducers, isolated analog inputs, or differential analog inputs.

  • IC670ALG240
  • This parts consist of 16 point grouped analog input module and accommodate 16 current loop inputs on a common power supply. This device is easy recalibrated or reset to factory calibration because calibration data on the GE Field Control has been stored in FLASH memory.

2. Analog Output

There are 3 types of analog output namely Isolated Analog Voltage-source Output Module, analog output module Ge Field Control and analog current-source output module with detail explanation as below:
  • IC670ALG310
  • This part provides eight channels of analog voltage outputs and can accommodates those in two isolated groups of four. It is easy to configure this part because compatible with other device and receives engineering units output data from the bus interface unit (BIU), and scales this data according to its calibration and configured scaling parameters.

  • IC670ALG320
  • This part provides span range of current voltage of 4–20mA and 0–10V, which can be changed to 0–20mA and 0–12.5 volts by adding jumper on the I/O terminal block. For different setting current need, it can be changed in configuration to match the output used or to engineering units.

  • IC670ALG330
  • The analog current-source output module is user friendly set and configurable scaling for each channel. This part can accommodates 8 current-loop outputs on a common power supply and module receives engineering units output data from the Bus Interface Unit (BIU).

3. Communication

The communication parts GE Field Control a bus interface unit consists of IC670GBI002, IC670GBI102 and IC670PBI001 with description as below:

  • IC670GBI002
  • This part is a bus interface unit to support hot insertion/removal of I/O modules whose catalog number suffix is J or above. It is easy to be used and set by inserted/removed without removing power to the I/O station or affecting other devices in the I/O station.

  • IC670GBI102
  • It has 115VAC/125VDC bus interface unit with catalog number suffix is J or above. This GE Field Control modules can be inserted/removed to the I/O station or affecting other devices in the I/O station.

  • IC670PBI001
  • As a profibus bus interface unit with intelligent processing capabilities, the GE Field Control IC670PBI001 provides intelligent processing, I/O scanning, and feature configuration for a group of up to eight I/O modules. It allows the configuration of features such as fault reporting, selectable input and output defaults, analog scaling and analog range selection for the modules in the station.
GE Fanuc Field Control Bus Interface Unit

4. CPU

This CPU with part number IC670MFP100 is a micro field processor, remanufactured IC670MFP100 - 2 year Warranty and having a specialized micro PLC and provides local input/output logic within a Field Control station.Light weight equipment only: 2.00 lbs. With several options available such as IC670GBI002, IC670PBI001,IC670CHS002,IC670ALG230.

5. Digital Input

The Isolated Input Module GE Field Control has many variants serial number starting from IC670MDL233,240,241,640,641,642,643, until IC670MDL 644. This digital input supplied by 240VAC Input Module GE Field Control, 120VAC and receives power from the bus interface for 48 VDC Positive/Negative Input Module GE Field Control, 24 VDC and 125 VDC.
All of the parts have specification product based on the user need. For example the 120VAC Isolated Input Module GE Field Control will supported 8 isolated discrete inputs and compatible with intelligent processing and performed by the Bus Interface Unit. In addition The GE Field Control IC670MDL240 module receives power from the bus interface unit for its own operation. User can choose based on preferred option operating standard.

6. Digital Output

There are six items parts of GE Field Control namely IC670MDL330, 331, 730, 740, 742, 930. All parts supply output voltage based on specification for example IC670MDL330 12-120 VAC 1.0 amp output module that provides a single group of 8-16 discrete outputs. It also comply with the intelligent processing performed by the bus interface unit or elsewhere in the system. GE Field Control IC670MDL330 has 16 bits (two bytes) of discrete output data. A GE Field Control can supply 12/24 VDC positive output module, isolated, no/nc relay output module that provides positive logic or sourcing–type outputs.

7. Racks

In the design control system need generic wiring bases. GE Field Control provides module mounting, backplane communications, and terminals for user connections with several parts serial number offering IC670CHS001- IC670CHS004, and IC670CHS101- IC670CHS103. These parts can be installed on one GE Field Control by supported with The I/O terminal block. It was completed by barrier terminals GE Field Control and has 37 terminals and accommodates up to two AWG #14 (2.1 mm2) through AWG #22 (0.35 mm2) wires


All of GE Field Control part have been listed on the official site Qualitrol International that make user easy to choose products based on their budget. All of products are new in the box as many as you need.And the other benefit is good after sales service for example if you have GE Field Control parts that need to be repaired then you need not to throw them away. You just contact technical support and they will assist you to get serve from the top Field Control repair center in the world.
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