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7 Strategies to Developing SCADA Security

Development of the industry, makes more complex problems faced related to control systems and security. In general, SCADA is still relevant enough to be used as a control system that is capable of controlling several machines control in different areas. In line with the increasing fragility of attacks against SCADA cyber attack that also need proper treatment.

SCADA security systems today require the integration of several functions of controllers such as firewalls, proxy servers, operating systems, coating application systems, communications, and policies and procedures. For the implementation of SCADA security strategy then you need security measures to keep the network as follows:

7 Strategies Developing SCADA

1. Border Router and Firewalls

Cyber ​​attacks are usually carried out by sending the software to penetrate the internal private network. If the security system is not protected SCADA Firewalls are configured correctly then your security system is not good enough to protect passwords, IP addresses, files and so on.

2. Proxy Servers

Packets of data sent or passing through TCP / IP should have been entered in the resource control layer applications such as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). To strengthen the security system SCADA proxy server acts as a firewall to protect the traffic between a protected network and the Internet. These systems are relatively safe although security with proxy servers will not eliminate the threat of the layer attacks application.

3. Operating Systems

As the brain of the computer system, the operating system became the main target of cyber attacks. There are 2 options for securing this system namely through the operating system upgrade to newer versions or migration by replacing opeating system to a higher version. For the safety of Operating Systems should really upgrade to the latest version and there is no compromise for any irregularities that exist.

4.  Applications

Some viruses are intentionally sent to undermine the security of SCADA systems such as buffer overruns, worms, Trojan Horse, Active-X5 codes, and other malicious programs that we need to anticipate. Viruses and works by paralyzing anti-virus software and bypassing the firewall as if it had no security protection there

5. Policies and Procedures

In addition to programs designed to address cyber attacks, it is necessary also the policies that govern the discipline of the user in performing the procedure. The policies and procedures include the selection of a secure password with a combination for example with at least one symbol, a capital letter and a number, and should be more than eight characters.

6. SCADA Firewalls

SCADA network security can be strengthened with layers of firewalls between the system SCADA network and the Internet. System security threats are often due to internal factors such as the employee who accidentally did not record the procedures performed and it turns out it can be compromised using the hacking method that is similar to what he did.

7. SCADA Internal Network Design

Internal SCADA network must have its own IP and run by using intelligent switches and sub-masking techniques appropriate to protect the system from cyber attack. The use of Ethernet Wireless and Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) can be an alternative to change the default name of the Service Set Identifier6 (SSID).


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the important control processes in many countries. This system performs important functions vital to many companies such as electric power companies, gas - natural, petroleum, water treatment, sewage treatment, and even the railway. However, considerations in terms of safety in the design of this system have received less attention, so the potential for interference from unauthorized access can occur. This review above will provide you several important phases to protect your system from cyber attack. By learning more methods you will get alternatives and the implementation of effective and economical control system.


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