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Take a Look The Benefits and Specification Product of Magelis SCU Schneider

Magelis SCU Schneider is one of The Schneider Electric compay that has developed technologies and solutions in energy management and automation to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive. This company produced several types of Controllers and supporting device (PLC & PAC) for Industrial machines such as Drives Controller, PLCopen Logic Controller, Modicon M251 Logic Controller and Magelis SCU Magelis SCU HMI controller.

This HMI controller applied in many types of industry especially for small machine and simple process control.

Magelis SCU Schneider Controller

Magelis SCU Schneider controller Product and Specification

Magelis SCU Schneider is HMI controller that has many function and especially design to support small machine and simple process control. Simple process control makes system can delivers adequate functionality for saving up to 30% in installation and ownership costs. Using this HMI controller, you can save time for easy installation and cabling. You can imagine how save this controller even this cabling only need the Ø 22mm mounting system. In addition integrated design of Magelis SCU delivers maximum functionality makes the rear module snapped on a DIN rail via an ingenious remote cable. simple processes control provides a crystal-clear readability or attached to the display.

Magelis SCU Schneider controller save cost and space

Small and modular STU screen make you to save the space that is normally reserved for a PLC. In the other hand this controller has lower cost than the usual equipment for simple machines consisting of a PLC + a display. It need less wire necessary suitable for small machines while keeping installation easy. Flexible mechanical mounting system embedding I/O and full ste of communication ports deliver high performance result with cheap and powerful electronic a rear module and the Ø 22mm hole mechanical mounting system

Magelis SCU Schneider controller really suitable even for installations with very limited space so that can save cost.

Benefits Magelis SCU : the new generation of small HMI controllers

Magelis SCU Schneider is State of the art display controller with Magelis SCU clips, communicative device equipped to communicate with the Schneider Electric as well as third-party products. It is really revolutionary mounting with rich communication capabilities contribute to cut down the global cost of your installation
The unique single software suite to machine configuration supported by power supply 24 VDC, fast mounting system by serial ports RJ45 RS485/232 multiprotocol make it easy machine maintenance and upgrade.

Applications Magelis SCU in many industries

Magelis SCU Schneider used to small machines compact machines, handling systems, food & beverage machines, pharmaceutical industry, etc. This controller applied ini HVAC system with feature such as the time schedule, set points, controllers, logic, timers, trend logs, and alarms. Unit controllers usually have analog and digital inputs which enable the measurement of variables (temperature, humidity, or pressure), and analog and digital outputs for controlling the transport media (hot / cold water and / or steam).

In the pumping industry Magelis Schneider SCU is used to transfer the energy of motion of the rotation shaft to the pump impeller thus creating centrifugal energy that is transferred to the fluid flowing in it automatically.

In the other application, Magelis SCU Schneider used in packaging industry to automate packaging system to be more efficient.


Magelis SCU Schneider as the new generation of small HMI controllers to simplify process control is suitable with small machines. Many benefits using this controller will be got if set up in the proper application based on product specification. The industries such as pumping, HVAC and packaging can make this product as main choice.


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