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Embedded Distributed I / O

Embedded Distributed I / O created to meet the needs of machine manufacturers and users, automation architectures focus while delivering performance that is closest to the system. Installed close to the engine are possible. Architecture reduces the time and cost of wiring for sensors and actuators while increasing system availability. The advantage of using Embedded Distributed I / O is a modular input or output system that is open and allows designing automatics islands managed by a master controller via an intermediary communication network. In addition Embedded Distributed I / O can be used to connect the starter motor, variable speed drives and operator interface terminal. Products that qualify through an open CAN bus tends FESTO, parker, valves, IP 67 FTB distributed I / O, variable speed drives and encoders.

Embedded Distributed I / O

The Design Of Embedded Distributed I / O

Software used Embedded Distributed I / O support performance in stage design enables users to start up and also for the maintenance of the system. This software includes STB, OTB, FTB and FTM. Components in the form of an electronic module mounted dir el DIN to make one or more segments of the power supply or logic, sensors and actuators that are distributed automatically.

Embedded Distributed I / O divided into two types: basic modules and module standard. Basic module has a complete set of network modules economical with simple operating mode. As for the standard module, an extension module equipped with input and output with the addition configuration parameter function, mode of operation is also do longer module operation.

The range between the base module and the module standard of Embedded Distributed I / O is as follows has a network interface module, the PDM power distribution module is 24 V and 115/220 V. For input modules and output is a digital I / O with 24 V and 115/220 V. Analog I / O resolution of 12 and 16 with 24 V relay output coil and 24 or 115 230 v contact.

The Great Function of Embedded Distributed I / O

Embedded application modules dedication Distributed I / O is for quick frit and provide information to users early and as controller applications. External equipment Embedded Distributed I / O extension modules support CAN open. Module and standard modules can be combined in the same island by combining them in a way that allows getting a double function. Sensors and actuators are connected to the Embedded Distributed I / O via the removable type connector. STB modules are hot swappable supplied network interface module that is a standard type. Embedded Distributed I / O in day got an IP 20 protection rating.

For installations in production workshops, Embedded Distributed I / O should be included in the protective home at least IP 54 rating in accordance with IEC 60950 or so-called NEMA 350 standard. That is some information about the Embedded Distributed I / O that can help you know a little bit about that unit, so you can use it appropriately in accordance with the guidelines that have been given. If you are still not so clear, you can find more information by reading the official module of this unit.


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