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Take Benefits on proper application of integrated Siemens Simatic S7-400 to accelerate data processing, communication and data-intensive tasks

Siemens Simatic S7-400 enables high processing speeds and deterministic response times for short machine cycle times to accelerate data processing, communication and data-intensive tasks that are especially typical for the process industry. Siemens Simatic S7-400 is also ideal for larger tasks such as the coordination of entire systems and required complex systems with high requirements in terms of performance.

siemens simatic s7-400

Completed with proper CPUs, Signal modules, Function modules and Communication make this controller is very easy to expand the system or replace modules based on the control system need. Supporting device Siemens Simatic S7-400 will be explained detail as below:

CPUs that used in a multi computing configuration to boost performance

In order to support high processing speed and deterministic response times, Siemens simatic s7-400 CPUs completed by different work memory, address range, number of connections and execution time based on system requirement. It make user gets many benefits if applied in the appropriate application.

    Take benefits of Siemens simatic s7-400 CPUs on each area of application

    Many industries such as Automotive industry , Warehousing systems, Building engineering, Steel industry, Power generation and distribution required good controller for extreme environmental conditions. This system should have supported high processing speeds with short machine cycle times.

    Siemens simatic s7-400 CPUs is easy to expand the system or replace modules in the event of a fault that one of standard mechanical equipment manufacture including custom mechanical equipment manufacture. It is very cost-effective spare parts handling because all of parts has been integrated system without further hardware investment. In addition, user ill get additional benefits for processing of quality data, user-friendly diagnosis, integration into higher-level MES solutions or high-speed communication via bus systems.

Signal modules as interface to connect the controller and the process

Signal modules has critical function to connect the controller and the process. This interface can be connected to the S7-400 via PROFIBUS DP and run automatically, it means signal modules can be connected and disconnected during operation to make easier replacement module.

    Take it easy on Design and maximize the function

    Simply replace and easy plug in during operation is beneficial design of this interface. Signal modules can detect whether the front connector is plug in or not makes connection even simpler and faster. Supported by SIMATIC TOP with 8 to 32 digital channels or 8 to 16 analog channels make it as one of the space-saving design interface.

Function modules to suit the most varied tasks

S7-400 Function module is modular customization design with wide range of special modules to suit the most varied tasks. This multi-facetted module is apart from the CPUs and have many benefits as below:

    Take benefits of Siemens simatic Function modules  on each area of application

    Multi tasking task on the severals industries such as General machine manufacturing, Machine tools, Textile machines and Rubber and plastic industry is mostly handled by S7-400 Function module because it needs high degree of accuracy and dynamic response with a wide range of functions. Integrated into STEP 7 make this interface has quick reaction times.

Communication processors for connecting S7-400 to the different bus systems

Point-to-point link via communications processors is the most application for connecting S7-400 to the different bus systems for powerful and low-cost reason.Easy replace with standard function blocks for communication between the CPU and the CP without the need for external converters make user comfort use this product.

    Take benefits of Siemens Communication processors on Compact design application

    Siemens simatic s7-400 Communication processors applied on Scanners, bar code readers, Measuring systems and many other manufacturers products. Easy configuration, installation in compact design with STEP 7 make it enable to reduce service times, start-up and downtimes.


With deeply understanding Siemens simatic s7-400 specification products, user will get more benefits during operation.  Siemens Simatic s7-400 has been integrated with supporting device CPUs, Signal modules, Function modules, Communication to accelerate data processing, communication and data-intensive tasks.


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