Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Guidance Omron CJ1W-TC Temperature Control Unit Product to handle advanced machine control needs in several areas

Omron CJ1W-TC is part of Special I/O Units category product can be used to handle advanced machine control needs in several areas. In the industrial control application, this Special I/O Units used for temperature control, position control, and communications. There are many items products of those, one of them is The CJ1 Series which is consists of Omron CJ1W-TC that integrated with small Programmable Controllers provide all the functions required for everything from machine control. It has specific characteristic that enables flexible system configuration to process control in a backplane-free structure.

To know more about this CJ Series Temperature Control Unit, you can learn in this explanation below:

Omron CJ1W-TC

The Omron CJ1W-TC Series Temperature Control Unit Product Features

CJ1W-TC was compatible with heater burnout detection for safety reason and built-in PID control with 2 or 4 control loops or ON/OFF control. User can input of 7 types of thermocouple or resistance thermometer directly by pressing RUN/STOP control from CPU Unit to reach capacity 500 ms sampling cycle. The CJ Series Temperature Control Unit has function of 4 Temperature Controllers and available for CJ/NJ controller, completed by Auto-tuning (AT) function on unrestricted CPU Unit cycle time.

Omron CJ1W-TC Specification and Line up based on International Standards

CJ1 Special I/O Units for Temperature Control Units has 4 loops and 2 loops, heater burnout detection function in operating process supported by Temperature sensor inputs and Thermocouple input Platinum resistance thermometer input. That is inline with International Standards Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations.

To support power supply, CJ1 Special I/O Units was completed by CPU Unit data areas for data storage/exchange and CPU Unit to Temperature Control Unit integrated with Alarm mode and Alarm hysteresis for easier control system and safety reason. Standar current consumption (A) between range 5 V-24 V and provide two types of control outputs, namely Open collector NPN outputs (pulses) and Open collector PNP outputs (pulses).

The Temperature Control Unit indication accuracy of thermocouples

The Temperature Control Unit is aotomatically controlling device that will be continue operating or stop operating when the CPU Unit is in PROGRAM mode based on set up. To make this always on normal operating condition, user should have set on indication accuracy of thermocouples requirement. Please always set the Unit and terminal block on the cold junction compensator for repair condition with pin 1 on the Unit's DIP switch. This will be supported by CPU Unit through bits allocated in the Special I/O Unit area.

Accuracy ratings will be given on this condition and embedded labels with serial numbers attached to the terminal blocks and Units. This make user easy to keep track of the sets.


If you follow those guidances step by step based on product specification above, you will get your system run well. Automatic system controll will result high performance yield to handle advanced machine control needs in several areas. The other benefits are your device will have longer life time due to this equipped with Temperature Control Unit indication accuracy of thermocouples as main part of this Special I/O Units product.


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