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Use SIMATIC ET 200 without control cabinets design for harsh industrial environments I/O controller system solution

SIMATIC ET 200 is Siemens I/O Controller with high IP65/67 protection rating for multifunctional systems. Compare to others products, this controller has unique specification  without control cabinets. This will make easy installation process especially suited for use in harsh industrial environments.

SIMATIC ET 200 was designed compact, rugged and powerful to facilitate extremely flexible implementation of distributed automation solutions. There are 4 types of this I/O controller system, with specific description as below:


ET 200AL conveniently configured and commissioned for effortless mounting anywhere

SIMATIC ET 200AL particularly design with low space requirements and weight for effortless mounting anywhere requirement. Automation network via PROFINET, PROFIBUS or the integration of ET 200SP makes this I/O controller applicable for use in large machines and systems with higher channel density and more IOs per module.

  1. SIMATIC ET 200AL -  Interface Modules
  2. SIMATIC ET 200AL is connected to the bus system via the interface module. PROFINET or PROFIBUS interface  have function to exchange the data between the higher-level controller and the I/O modules.

    IM 157-Profinet IM 157-Profibus and Integration ET 200SP are commontl used in this system. One of benefits are the ET 200AL I/O modules can be integrated in ET 200SP via the BU-Send and BA-Send 1xFC modules.

  3. SIMATIC ET 200AL -  Peripheral modules
  4. SIMATEC ET 200 AL have digital I/O module namely: Digital input modules DI which is consist of 2 types namely Digital input module DI 8x24VDC 8xM8 and Digital input module DI 8x24VDC 4xM12. In addition it has Digital input module DI 16x24VDC 8xM12 which is only has one types namely Digital output modules DQ to support this functions.

ET 200pro as the most flexible response I/O controller to automation requirements in the most versatile industries

SIMATIC ET 200pro is the most flexible response to automation requirements when mechanical load is high. User can take benefit based on specific product requirement as below:

  1. Take Benefits in the each area of ET 200pro application
  2. SIMATIC ET 200pro has modular design and can be applied in the most versatile industries even under harsh environmental conditions. If you need controller for overhead monorail conveyors, automated guided vehicle systems, building management and warehouse logistics, then SIMATIC ET 200pro is suitable for that.

    SIMATIC ET 200pro has integrated with safety advanced technology and comprehensive range of modules. Simple, compact design make it easy to set up with CPU functionality and Flexible connection.

  3. ET 200pro Design and function
  4. SIMATIC  ET 200pro consist of three components, namely one bus connector which constitutes the backplane bus of the system, one electronics module or interface module and one connecting module

ET 200eco PN for cabinet-free installation expanded via PROFINET and completed by I/O Link master module

The SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is design for cabinet-free installation directly on the machine and suitable with the machine building and automotive industry at any level. It can be expanded via PROFINET and completed by  I/O Link master module

  1. Take Benefits in the area of ET 200eco PN application
  2. The SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is suited for use at machine level because designed with a high degree of protection, ruggedness and small dimensions. This controller supported by channel diagnostics and Integrated  2-port switch so that make easy installation and setup process.

  3. ET 200eco PN Design and function
  4. SIMATIC  ET 200eco PN consist of 8 and 16 digital inputs or outputs in 2 different design sizes namely: Modules with 4 x M12 connection in a long and narrow design (30 x 200 x 37 mm) and Modules with 8 x M12 connection in a short and wide design (60 x 175 x 37 mm)

ET 200eco connected to PROFIBUS DP at up to 12 Mbit/s Integrated using the PROFIsafe profile over PROFIBUS DP

SIMATIC ET 200eco can be connected to PROFIBUS DP at up to 12 Mbit/s and integrated with safety-related systems with SIMATIC Safety Integrated using the PROFIsafe profile over PROFIBUS DP. It make this controller is easy during handling and installation process.

  1. Take Benefits in the area of SIMATIC ET 200eco application
  2. SIMATIC ET 200eco enables cabinetless installation with IP67 protection right to make Flexible and fast connection with comprehensive range of modules. This controller completed with safety Integrated failsafe modules and Integrated diagnostic functions on the IP65/67 standardization trends.

  3. SIMATIC ET 200eco design and function>
  4. SIMATIC  ET 200eco consist of two different connection blocks namely Bus for PROFIBUS address assignment and ECOFAST: 2 x hybrid field bus interface RS 485 for the PROFIBUS address setting.


SIMATIC ET 200 has specific design without control cabinets. It was design like that to support its function for harsh industrial environments I/O controller system solution. All of 4 types of this I/O controller system mention above will make user know how to choose appropriate products for their needs in control system design.


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