Thursday, February 4, 2016

Deficiency And Excess Of Idec Smart Relay

IDEC Smart Relay has a supply voltage of 100 to 240 VACS, 50/60 Hz. This device need ambient temperatures 0-55 ° C with ambient temperature humidity 10% to 90%. For installation methods are surface mounting, there is track installation with DIN standard quality shaped vertical and horizontal. Terminal blocks using solid wire with IP20 protection mounted inside the control panel IDEC Smart Relay control. Method stored program control, I/ O control method using cyclic scan, and the programming language is a ladder diagram.
IDEC Smart Relay

The Review of IDEC Smart Relay
IDEC Smart Relay has a capacity of 96 lines with 3 program inputs and 1 output per line. CPU Units with 20 I/ O with 12 points input and 8 output points. Extant I/ O unit is 4 inputs and 4 outputs up to 3 units. The LCD display of IDEC Smart Relay has 12 characters and 4 lines equipped with backlight. Then there are 8 Tobol button operation is 4 cursor keys and 4 operation buttons. To use a backup program and the internal EEPROM memory cassette, there is an internal holding status bit to set the time, the counter current value and calendars. Are included in the count period is the month of the day and the hour. Super capacitor backup time can last a minimum of two days and the battery can last up to 10 years.

Accuracy timer for calculating the maximum speed of IDEC Smart Relay is 150 Hz for 8 digit counter F that is set for high speed operation unit CPU with DC power supplies. Speed ​​counts may be less than 150 Hz corresponding to a cycle time program, Resistance insulation IDEC Smart Relay is between terminal power supply and all output terminals, then the terminal output circuits are different, and among all the internals of the CPU unit also all terminal expansion I / O unit.

IDEC Smart Relay insulation has a strong insular between the internal supply terminal input and output terminals, also between terminals different circuits at the output and between all terminals of CPU unit with all terminal unit. Dielectric strength of 2,300 VAC, 50/60 Hz for one minute, and the maximum leakage current is 1 mA. Hold vibration ​​accordance with IEC60068-2-6 up to 5-9 Hz, 3.5 mm single amplitude and Acceleration 9-150 Hz 9.8 m / s2 10 times each in X, Y and Z of at least one octave.

Weight IDEC Smart Relay in CPU units with 10 I / O is a maximum of 300 grams approx. As for the CPU units with 20 I / O point’s approx is 350 grams and expansion I / O units of approx 120 max.

The function of IDEC Smart Relay
IDEC Smart Relay to another characteristic is to have up to 34 points for the CPU unit with 10 I. kind of communication there are 6 points CPU unit, input and output maximum of 331 I / O points. For this type of CPU without LED screen is not provided.

That is some information about IDEC Smart Relay with deficiency and excess. Before you decide to use it, know in advance specification and characteristics of these devices so that you can know the details. If you do not quite understand about this device, you should ask prior to your friend or relative who does know. Or you can also find information on this device over the Internet or other media.


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