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Product Specification and Benefits of Fisher 4320, The non-contacting wireless position transmitter and limit switch to monitor control system equipment

The Fisher 4320 used to make measurement device that provides a precise wireless feedback signal to indicate equipment position.  Even in nowadays-advanced age, there still found that most process plants have thousands of manually operated. Several of them are  monitoring equipment such as valves, sliding-stem regulators, displacement and float level sensors, and relief valves.

The Fisher 4320 is a non-contacting wireless position transmitter and limit switch produced by Emerson Process Management has solved and answered customers alignment issues in the past 12 months. The meaning of this is what was the customers thought was incorrect about the position of the valves. This resulted in spills, lost batches and safety incidents.

Fisher 4320
Fisher 4320 WirelessHART via

The effort to automate such discrete valves actually has been conducted by customers each year, but the problem persists in the wiring costs of traditional automation because of this system prevent many from being converted from manual to automated control. The release of Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor with On/Off Control Output Option is a breakthrough for a Smart Wireless solutions family. As the report, Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor is the first and only WirelessHART valve automation solution comes with linkage-less position feedback and discrete valve control produced by Emerson Process Management.

Specification of Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor, with On/Off Control Option

Some basics specifications of Fisher 4320 including the availability of mountings, input measurements, measurement output, reference of accuracy, On/Off Control, and communication protocol of HART 7 and IEC 62591 (WirelessHART).

Technically, the control portion of the Fisher 4320 will accepts the commands via wireless network from a control system and provide pneumatic on/off signal to an actuator. Then, the feedback portion of the instrument periodically reads the position of a measured device and transmits the data through the wireless network. It also checks for service and configuration instructions from host systems such as distributed control systems (DCS), asset management systems (AMS), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

A battery sourced power module powers Fisher 4320. This mechanism allows for easier implementation into retrofit locations. Besides, an external power option is also supported.

Benefits and Features of Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor, with On/Off Control Option

The Fisher 4320 features simplicity, minimized maintenance, diagnostic systems, quick installation, energy efficiency, reliability, standard or extended life power options. In the case of energy efficiency, the optional output has ultra-low steady state air consumption then the air generation costs can be reduced. Due to the power options, customers can choose the ability to use local 12-28 V power in the field in addition the typical use of standard life (5 years) and extended life (10 years) of power module limits. The power module is the standard-lithium non-rechargeable battery.

The last benefit of Fisher 4320, it comes with reliable security that the WirelessHART self-organizing link network features encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms. It provides high degree of security level required in the process locations and by the IT industry.


Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor, with On/Off Control Option is a great solution to any valve and others control system monitoring misalignment issues. The wireless position monitor allows to fully automating the manual system. The Fisher 4320 eliminates the need for wiring to an on/off pneumatically actuated. The Fisher 4320 is applicable to control on/off monitor valves, displacement and float level sensors, relief valves and sliding-stem regulators. It is designed to be easily mounted, compact and easy to use.


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