Monday, February 1, 2016

Product Specification and Guidance to Set Up Remote PLC Programming as Rugged "local cloud" controller platform to support IoT wireless overhead line monitoring and analysis system

Remote PLC Programming is part of M2M Cloud Platform in addition to Device Networks Cloud and Smart Vending Cloud as Industrial Intelligence Next-generation advanced industrial performance controller and cloud-based IoT solutions for industry, vending and distribution automation with a timeless robust design. This controller supported by Wireless Sensor Networks to make free-spectrum ad-hoc mesh wireless M2M communications.

Remote PLC Programming
Remote PLC Programming via

Remote PLC Programming has Power Distribution Monitoring and Media Streaming Hotspot for streaming Wi-Fi video and the demands of public transit. It is Rugged "local cloud" platform designed to support IoT wireless overhead line monitoring and analysis system. For high access and connectivity, Robust Cellular Modems and compact 2G or 3G data telemetry units

Remote PLC Programming Access Guidance

This Device Remote PLC Programming Touch is easy to be access by following steps:
  • Set up and install the Device Touch Client.
  • For high access and connectivity , connect the PLC to an InRouter or InGateway via Ethernet or Serial.
  • Prepare and use Program the PLC with standard tools.

Remote PLC Programming supported by Industrial Routers & Gateways, Rugged cellular routers and gateways leveraging LTE, Wi-Fi and advanced industrial capabilities, and Industrial Ethernet Switches to be reliable managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches for the substation or DIN-rail.

Remote PLC Programming Secure Connectivity

Remote PLC Programming is easy to install client with Secure HTTPS web tokens. All of security system through Cryptographically unbreakable VPN tunnel encryption process. For security reason, full user authentication allocated based on device and permission levels and security designed for industrial applications.

Remote PLC Programming enables efficient Operations with the Smart Vending Cloud. It is easy to deploy vending machines, add or delete products, update prices, send replenishment notifications, get sales data and conduct advanced analysis. Cloud computing provides network security, availability and access for out global partners with features such as VPN tunnel encryption, service clusters and elastic scalable virtual infrastructure, the cloud is a step-forward in web service

Remote PLC Programming Online Account Management

Remote PLC Programming is Next-Gen Computing controller with quickly add users, devices, routers and PLCs with an accessible web browser interface. In addition harness the power of Android for custom applications in smart-vending or industry. Remote PLC Programming can increase the efficiency and Profitability of Vending Operations and optimized cloud management functions greatly reduce operating costs with online stocking and display management.

Remote PLC Programming Partnered with Industrial Hardware

Remote PLC Programming compatible with Industrial Media Converter, Rugged, efficient Ethernet to fiber conversion for industrial field operations and cloud be applied on wide working temperature and power tolerances. This controller completed with several supporting device such as Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 to support a wide range of industrial devices; CE, FCC, RCM, UL, PTCRB, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile certified.


Remote PLC Programming enables user get Low-cost, high-performance systems due to supported by the massive data storage with cloud services. Proper set up based on Product Specification and Guidance will make this Remote PLC Programming perform maximum results. This Rugged "local cloud" controller platform has important function to support IoT wireless overhead line monitoring and analysis system.


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