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Product specification Panasonic HMI, The small body Human Machine Interface cutting the production process costs and connectivity with multiple PLCs centrally monitored and controlled via one GT unit

Panasonic HMI is wide screen and small body Human Machine Interface that has been applied in various industries such as Food filling machine Pharmaceutical and food processing Coin-operated parking, Car washing machine and Charging station for Electric Vehicle (EV).  Small body with only 7 inch width in space of a 5.7 inch and compatible with Programmable Display GT707 make Panasonic HMI is easy to be set up and operated.

panasonic hmi

To support this function in control system, Panasonic HMI has supported by Programmable Display and Software. There are many types of Programmable Display compatibled with it, several of them will be explained as below:

Programmable Display GT03-E

Programmable Display GT03-E has New Models Added to the GT Tough Series. This GT03-E Compact Models Debut has two types GT03T-E and GT03M-E.

This Panasonic HMI GT03-E features wide operating temperature range. It allows for use in various environments from various condition from -20 to +55 ℃ -4 to +131 ℉. It has Resistant to UV Rays then protected by two-layer front protection sheet deduces UV rays in two-stage.

For communication reason, Panasonic HMI GT03-E  is comply with GT link function to connet Up to 32 GT displays to one PLC unit. This make more efficient because the number of PLC units can be reduced, cutting the production process costs and connectivity with multiple PLCs centrally monitored and controlled via one GT unit.

Programmable Display GT32-E

Programmable Display GT32-E has excellent environmental resistance with superior visibility even in sunlight. This Panasonic HMI GT32-E Series has 5.7 inch, impressive water resistance and enable operating temperature that covers outdoor use with several features and benefits as below:

  • Having protection layer reduces the intensity of UV rays
  • Having protection applied to the rear of the unit for a more rugged overall construction especially on front panel of the GT-E series
  • Built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot*1 and Integrated USB Interface to make easy to copy, back up, and restore screen data.

Panasonic HMI GT02

Panasonic HMI GT02 is new solution to improve image quality, easy to read displays by SDHC memory card with many applications. Recently sharp characters are no longer special features to sharpen image quality, Instead, programmable displays will evolve with maximum user-friendliness.

Panasonic HMI GT02 enable PLC program transfer without the use of a PC using an SD / SDHC memory card.This memory card enables everyone to easily modify programs and displaying them in a real time graph, allowing users to take quick actions for solutions.

In addition, Panasonic HMI GT02 has saving alarm history data on an SD / SDHC memory card that making it possible to easily control problems on a PC. To support this function, it has large volumes of data can be saved on an SD / SDHC memory card.

Panasonic HMI GT02L

Panasonic HMI GT02L is the largest size entry level touch panel in its class. Using this HMI will get easy data transfer via miniUSB port, design screens using dedicated software and System Configuration For replacing your touch panel

Panasonic HMI GT02L equipped with a 3.7-inch, 160 x 64-dot LCD has exchange and store data using SD memory card for many applications. PLC program transfer without the use of a PC make it easy to switch screens for multi-application usage.

Panasonic HMI GT12

Panasonic HMI GT12 has highest visual quality with largest 4.6 inch high-contrast monochrome wide screen. This HMI allowing simultaneous debugging of PLC and GT and equipped with IP67-rated body and newly designed bracket. This make easy to copy, back up, and restore screen data to enhance the reliability.

Panasonic HMI GT12 has supported the through function using a USB cable with switches of a minimum of 8 x 8 dots can be moved in increments of one dot.

Panasonic HMI GT32-R

Panasonic HMI GT32-R has improved model of existing GT32M/T, LCD equipped with long life LED backlight. Integrated USB Interface make  your PC and GT32-R using your USB cable to transfer screen data. Easy installation with slim frame and body compared to LCD allows simultaneous debugging of the PLC and the display.

Panasonic HMI GT707

Panasonic HMI GT707 is wide screen, small body LCD equipped with long life LED backlight. User will get easy to use a TFT LCD with contrast ratio of 500 : 1 and slim frame and body programmable display without having to use a PC (FPWIN GR / FPWIN GR7). The system menu will help you to monitor easily eliminates the bother of screen creation (except FP7).

Panasonic HMI GT05

Panasonic HMI GT05 is ultra-compact body equipped with a 3.5 inch QVGA display. There are many options displays screens in white, red, and pink, ensuring both operability and visibility. A wide viewing angle (50 deg horizontally, 60 deg vertically) has been achieved, improving visibility from different angles.

Panasonic HMI GT05 have significantly improved their image quality, easy to read displays with sharp characters. Recently, programmable displays evolve with maximum "user-friendliness" in various applications with PCs or other devices.


Panasonic HMI has several types of product with specification based on user needs. The advantages of Panasonic HMI is having small body to cut the production process costs. This product has security functions, multiple unit connection function, graph function, analog-touch system. Easy to use and operate, connectivity with multiple PLCs centrally monitored and controlled via one GT unit make this product is not hesitate to be used.


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